TRX Exercises for Women: TRX Atomic Push-Ups + TRX Ab Workout for Women

TRX Exercises for Women: TRX Atomic Push-Ups + TRX Ab Workout for Women

TRX Exercises for Women: TRX Atomic Push-Ups + TRX Ab Workout for Women Get Your TRX Straps HERE: Workout for Defined and Toned Arm…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

46 thoughts on “TRX Exercises for Women: TRX Atomic Push-Ups + TRX Ab Workout for Women”

  1. very hot with those push-up & great thighs by the way just wanna lend my
    support of this video in my favorites! thumbs up 😉

  2. Suspension training is all I do now. The TRX straps are too expensive
    though. I got my suspension straps from Vital Straps dotcom. Only $35.
    Similar idea and they work great.

  3. You are great!! Remember to exhale as you bring your knees towards you and
    exhale on the “Up” part of the pushup. “Exhale on the exertion”. Keep up
    the great work!! 🙂

  4. Hi, I got a question , if I do this core train right, which part will feel
    strong, I always feel my less back sore, is it right?

  5. Incredible. Ab exercises are awesome for both men and woman. It’s nice to
    see how you approach it. You know your stuff….cheers..!!

  6. I’ve been in fitness for 17 years and The one thing that I hate is Women
    that think that resistance training will make them blow up like the Hulk.
    IT DOES NOT WORK THAT AWAY. So you lost me at “this won’t make you bulky”
    Resistance training is vital to fitness success no matter what your goal

  7. The point of doing reps is to accumulate an exercise effect on the target
    muscles.When you alternate pushups w/knee-ins you lose that effect: The
    muscles get too much rest between reps, & recover from effects of the
    previous rep, each rep starts w/fresh strength, no accumulated exercise
    effect, no strength or muscle being built. You may learn a complex
    coordination skill this way, but for what? To be an impressive TRX
    exhibitor, I suppose, but a weak one.

  8. Hey there! Have you tried the Fat Blast Lifestyle (search on google)? Ive
    heard some incredible things about it and my friend burned a lot of fat.

  9. ilovemydonna4ver

    Hi. Can you please give me a piece of advice? I have no health problem
    (Doctors say so), but I realized I can’t breathe well as other people. I
    can run only about 15 secs, then I have to stop because it’s like my body
    doesn’t have enough oxygen. I try HIIT following this video but I have to
    stop about 45-60 secs between each exercise to breathe. Do you guys know
    how to improve my breathing problem? I really like your HIIT workout video,
    I need to lose weight also (159 cm – 55 kg). 🙁 Help please.

  10. Absolutely love the guy doing voiceover, it was motivating, encouraging,
    and his constant tips and advice and asking us to push through each set was
    so helpful that I managed to complete the entire thing much easier mentally.
    Hope fitness blender videos have more of him doing that! :)

  11. Two weeks into the Fitness Blender program and I can finish this no pauses
    after a 3 mile run…dang I feel healthy!!! Thank you guys :)

  12. I am trying. I am really trying. First day I could only do 10 minutes. This
    time, I won’t stop after 2 days. Hope I get those abs soon :p

  13. Cami Bustamante

    forgot how much i loved fitness blender!!! <3 love you guys thank you for
    your hard work!!

  14. Usually I do a 40 minute HIIT video but today I was very exhausted so
    decided to just do this 30minute one to not out much strain on my body but
    it was so much harder than the usual 40minute one I do!!! Wow I’m super
    Knackered now could barley finish it!!

  15. I am loving your videos I couldn’t go into the gym today and im glad I
    found these videos I don’t feel bad about missing my workout thank you. 

  16. kensengloverose

    made it half way for a first timer…omg great workout lol. excited to
    continue and improve.

  17. wow, this one is great! seriously felt it all over, thanks for another
    great workout! :)

  18. Holy cow this one is tougher than it looks! Sweating up a storm lol! A sign
    of an awesome workout! Thank you Fitness blender!!!

  19. Absolutely love your videos. Only started doing them last week. I wanted to
    know how often do i swtich workout prorgrammes as there are tons of videos
    here? I aim to do everyday 30 min cardio followed by abs and butt exercises

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