TRX- Beginners Workout “Be a 10 in 2010”

View TRX Pro Pack Here! (0:37)- Routine Sets & Reps (2:07)- Bicep Curl (2:57)- Low-Row (3:28)- Push-Up (4:22)- Single-Leg Lunge (S…
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25 thoughts on “TRX- Beginners Workout “Be a 10 in 2010””

  1. daammmmm yer awesome!! thanx sooo much for the really great exercise
    examples!! they’re working!! :0))

  2. Excellent video demo Scott! Have been doing TRX for about 18 months and
    would only comment that in my humble opinion some of these exercises are
    not really for beginners, unless your particular beginner has really good
    core strength to begin with. 

  3. Everybody has the priceless ability to get stronger–but few actually use
    it. Copy and Paste into Google Morsch Muscle Madness and discover how to
    utilize your gift.

  4. This is very helpful. I think I could do most of these except the lunge
    since my balance isn’t that great. I love that you put the time markers in
    so we can ffwd to specific exercises.

  5. TRX is a corrupted version of gymnastic rings that cost TRIPLE to QUADRUPLE
    times – an ABOMINATION! You just got scammed retard.

  6. Nothing wrong with having no shirt on . It is quite appropriate considering
    he is showing us what group of muscles must be working . You can have all
    gym equipment , but trx is unique and if you want to mix thing up or take
    ur workout to another level it is a way to go. Plus if you are traveling
    trx is the best . Bottom line stop criticizing his video . He seems to know
    what he is doing

  7. @sleach2305 The only compound movements i can think of on the straps are
    pull ups and inverted rows. Not everyone can do pullups and those biceps
    curls where pretty close to inverted rows. Doesnt seem like he did that bad

  8. Hey Scott greetings from Germany! I really really like to work out with the
    TRX cause we now have it in our gym. Since then I exclusively train with it
    to increase my strength and body control but there’s something I wonder. Is
    it possible to replace all basic exercises like squads, military press,
    bench press, dead lift and chin ups? Have a nice day Frank

  9. Can someone tell me if you can get that level of definition of this guy on
    the vid only with exercises on TRX? Of course in certain amount of time but
    is it possible?

  10. Well, I think you should do your research… because you’re suspended over
    the floor, suspension training has you utilize the working muscle(s) at
    both ends of the movement (eccentric and concentric). Most barbells and
    dumbbells merely allow you to work the concentric phase of the muscle. Look
    it up. They both have adv./disadv.

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