TRX 40/40 Challenge “Be a 10 in 2010”

TRX 40/40 Challenge

View TRX Pro Pack Here! (1:16)- Routine Sets & Reps (1:35)- Atomic Push-Up (3:13)- Low Row Check out http://www.scotthermanfitness…
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25 thoughts on “TRX 40/40 Challenge “Be a 10 in 2010””

  1. violette tricot

    you should breathe in the other way, expulse when you bring back your knees
    to your chest

  2. Crazy clip. Amazing vid. My buddy was formerly a flabby. He transformed
    himself from 290lbs of fat into 202 lbs of genuine lean muscle mass.
    Everybody was shocked. I just registered personally coz I’m planning to get
    big muscles. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

  3. So that’s what those straps at my YMCA gym are called…..I have only used
    them for the lat exercise ( 20 x 3 ) you showed but I’m going there tonight
    to try the push up one…it looks really hard

  4. Thx for great video workout! I’m also doing 99SuspensionTraining program
    with TRX equipment and it rocks!

  5. Malachi Thurmond

    spelling FAIL LOL!)

  6. MrCanadianWitch

    The thing I like is that you actually use good form, so many people say
    they can do so much and have horrible form, you have perfect form, keep
    pushing yourself!

  7. Urgh, when you flush your toliet shit and piss vapour gets misted up out of
    the toliet bowel… and settles on your blender/protein tub. Fair enough
    use the tap, but why not keep the blender/protein outside of the toliet?

  8. @MrLadyfeet Push ups are actually triceps not biceps, a long with a lot of
    other smaller muscle groups. While your biceps get worked on the way down
    to the floor, its the chest and triceps that work to push you back up.
    Likewise biceps are used for the second exercise here as you pull yourself
    up your back and biceps pull you towards the bar or in this case the cables.

  9. great video i might get ine of those trx thanks for reccomending!! btw i
    now ur busy n stuff but when you get a chance show us how to get the V-line
    scott pleeeazzee thanks awsome video!

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