True Strength Revealed 2: Professional Ab Workout with Charles Glass & Alex Carneiro

Optimum Nutrition athletes Charles Glass and IFBB Pro Alex Carneiro walk through the real ab workouts they use to develop competition level six packs. They a…
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In this video guide we are going to look at one of the most popular and best known exercises of all, the sit up. This exercise is used for working your abdom…
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28 thoughts on “True Strength Revealed 2: Professional Ab Workout with Charles Glass & Alex Carneiro”

  1. TheNissanGTRblack

    You don’t have to do ALL these exercises to get abs. All you need to do is
    hit upper abs, lower abs, and obliques 2-3 times a week. That’s about 1/4
    of the work. The other 3/4’s are all about diet. Calories in = calories

  2. How do you guys (Alex/Charles) feel about flutter kicks for abs, hip
    flexors (often neglected!) and legs?

  3. cutting while building so slow i would consider it impossible. try build
    some muscle and then cut as you wish

  4. Think of your “abs” as one big muscle. The tendons and connective tissues
    running across your abs are what give them shape. Everyone has different
    body structure.

  5. you can’t cut and build muscle, but hydrowhey is better in my opinion for
    building muscle if you already get enough protein in your diet and if you
    use it DIRECTLY after resistance training

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