Tricked Out Triceps! BUILD MUSCLE!

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25 thoughts on “Tricked Out Triceps! BUILD MUSCLE!”

  1. Stipe Pokrajcic

    Those skull crushers are a bit tricky. I don’t like my max weights hovering
    over my nose. 

  2. it’s amazing, I weigh 203 yet I can only bench 160, and I’ve been working
    out for several months now. I don;t know what I a doing wrong. perhaps too
    much repetition of the same weight lifting exercises ?

  3. Doruk Tellioğlu

    hey scott im doing push/ pull/ legs split when i do push day i do triceps
    at the end of the workout what is your thought on doing this 5×5 at the end
    of my push day with triceps?? THANKS ALOT

  4. Scott, at 3:22, you mentioned “…I rest at least 2 minutes…” do you
    think that if you rest a total of 5 minutes, you would have gotten at least
    4 reps if not all 5 reps without help? When I was doing a strength
    program(Starting Strength) I rest 4-5minutes and have been able to get at
    least 4 reps without help. What do you think?+ScottHermanFitness 

  5. If you want to build big triceps, the best exercises to do are close-grip
    bench presses and heavy weighted dips. These exercises will stimulate more
    growth than doing isolation exercises like these. Additionally, this is
    way to much of a volume of work. You get a diminishing return from
    progressively doing more sets. You don’t need to do forced reps to grow
    either, you need to progressively increase the tension on your muscles over
    time. Forced reps can lead to burn out and make all of your sets after
    that less effective. 

  6. Can’t wait to try this when i get back to the gym. #HTH #SHFAthlete Love
    your videos Scott. You’re an awesome guy. Erica is cool too lol :)

  7. Tim shufflebottom

    c’mon my arms are 15 inches and Scott’s are only 1 inch bigger yet they
    look TWICE as big….???

  8. Fitness and health

    How come you have fallen in love with forced reps, Scott? You even said in
    the video 2:28 “the only way you’re gonna get stronger is with someone
    helping you doing forced reps” which is wrong. I’m sure you know that, but
    it may confuse a beginner.
    That said you’ve made some impressive gains over the last years. 

  9. Very good video! After trying these out, my triceps burned, and I’m seeing
    some nice gains. :)

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