Training For Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding

Training For Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding

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25 thoughts on “Training For Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding”

  1. CanditoTrainingHQ

    David Ho I can’t respond to you for some reason, I am not a miscer.

  2. Toos Training

    100% truth. Common misconception. The two are intertwined so much, people
    don’t get that. Great explanation.

  3. Sebastian Fitness Solutions

    Thanks so much for the shout-out Jonnie!

    I’m actually going to do a video on a similar topic and address a few
    reasons why even Powerlifters need a slightly wider spectrum of exercise
    choices for optimum progression. Would tie in perfectly with this.

    Thanks once again brother. Looks like I owe you one…AGAIN! :P

  4. The Strength Doc

    true that. i’ve been training for powerlifting for the past year and i’ve
    gotten swole…what? powerlifter gaining muscle? hypertrophy? whaaaaattt

  5. Bodybuilders are conditioned athletes and powerlifters often can just move
    up and down and Bodybuilders have short rest periods 

  6. Gustav Carlstedt

    Jonnie what do you classify as a beginner? When should one switch from a PL
    style program (currently on 3×5 version of jason blaha’s FBW), and what
    would an example of this program be?

  7. Where do you get your tank-tops from? I’ve been looking for plain white
    tanks like that at local stores, but the ones they have are ridiculously
    long for my torso. I’m about your size. 

  8. StickManProductionss

    Your theory is true to a certain extent buy how do you explain all those
    video of small strength training beating huge body builder in arm
    I think volume is still a massive factor

  9. musclemonsters

    Another great and informative video. Definitely good to see Sebastian get a
    shout out from a bigger channel….the guy is top notch. 

  10. Joshua Odinson

    Chad Wesley Smith said in one of his recent articles on JTS that he did
    over 100 working sets on just squat in just the last 3 weeks. 

  11. Awesome video, Jonnie. I was thinking that the main difference is exercise
    selection before I watched the video, so I definitely agree! 

  12. difference is diet. powerlifters eat whole pizzas and buckets of KFC. we
    eat clean almost year round.

  13. Great stuff. Another biggie is neural recruitment. Powerlifting requires a
    much stronger nervous system for that 1RM recruitment. Whereas bodybuilding
    is more about endurance and strict form.

    I use a hybrid program. I train twice a week and do powerlifting range reps
    early in the week and bodybuilding range reps later in the week for
    compound lifts. Layne Norton introduced that idea with PHAT and I think for
    just a general lifter it’s a good strategy. The two rep ranges complement
    each other.

  14. Daniel J Sanidad

    I believe a difference lies in the labor in creating a physique that
    supports how their individual performance will be measured.

    Weightlifters focus on training a physique that may, in turn, also support
    the movements to allot maximal work output in competition.

    Bodybuilders train muscles to support a physique of visual symmetry, which
    is their measure of displaying maximal performance.

    In short, it apples and oranges. Both a fruit, yet different in color,
    texture, aroma and taste, so chew with personal intention. 

  15. 1 Free Star 1

    I am watching your channel more and more,at first didnt pay attention so
    much,but somehow there was always some more video to watch or somehow it
    draws my attention,and now I am watching every video that you have….:)
    I like your Olympic lifting style of training (or doing exercises in that
    manner),although you are powerlifter-your informations are very
    good,straight and sincere,I would say…
    Now,one suggestion-you could make some videos about Olympic lifting program
    or better say,your opinions about that and,maybe,how to combine it with
    some other stuff.
    To be honest,I am trying to incorporate olympic lifting exercises into my
    BB training,cause I really want to learn and get better in that exercises
    (although I try to practice some jumps and sometimes c&j, by O lifts I
    meant snatch in particular) – I like it,its very impressive movement,full
    body skill and strenght,but its not easy-it takes time,makes training
    program and programming in general somewhat complicated,and makes rest
    periods harder…

  16. Well said man. Very clearly said. The best thing to do is use both of these
    to build yourself into a strong mother fucker.Unless you are a pro
    powerlifter take pros and cons of both of these way’s of lifting and you
    will be strong and big.

  17. Nicolás Morgan

    for me, the biggest difference is the mentality. in bodybuilding, as the
    name says, is building the body for a more aesthetic look. but when it
    comes to powerlifting, is like elliot hulse says, it’s becoming the
    stronger version of yourself. sorry for bad english

  18. Joe Gengarelly

    just thought I’d let you know I’m starting the Candito 6 week Program on
    this upcomming Monday (Jan, 6th)
    Really looking forword to seeing how I progress.
    Love the Videos Jonnie 

  19. Raging Erection

    Awesome video Candito! You should also dive into the debate on aesthetics
    vs performance, maybe motivation to sort of forget about how you SHOULD
    look and focus on becoming stronger overall. 

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