Train Along With Me – Beginners Kettlebell Workout

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7 thoughts on “Train Along With Me – Beginners Kettlebell Workout”

  1. Super like – you have such informative vids, I particularly like your pointers on good form for each exercise.

  2. Let me just start by saying that I like your videos and I hope that your passion for fitness will serve as an inspiration to other women. Secondly, it is my understanding that when doing the Push Press you drive through your heels and not the balls of your feet (same for the squat). Your hells should not leave the ground. You actually lose some of your driving force by doing this.

  3. Hey, you’re right that the driving force comes from the heels in the push press. I will correct this. But often in power exercises such as Oly lifts etc the heels will leave the ground and the lifter will “stomp” into the catch.The squat, on the other hand, is not just driven from the heels, but the whole foot. When the 3 “corners” of the foot are in contact with the floor, there is greater quad, hamstring and glute activation on the drive up. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  4. Hi please ignore my request for other tutorials I should have watched this as well before commenting.This has helped cleared up a few things on the press and swing single and double handed
    You are a damn good teacher judging from some of the other comments I would like to say that there are guys like me who watch your videos for educational reasons only
    Thanks for taking the time to do them

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