Top Secret 2 of 3 – How to shred your abs – Small Movements by Rene Campbell

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Lower Body Shred Workout | Level 2 from BeFit in 30 Extreme is a fierce, lower body-sculpting, strength-training workout that focuses on several major muscle…

27 thoughts on “Top Secret 2 of 3 – How to shred your abs – Small Movements by Rene Campbell”

  1. I really liked the exercises!
    I’ll be adding some to my fitness classes. Although, they may be
    comPLAINING LOUDLY in the next class! LOL…

  2. The link for the calendar doesn’t work and we really need the calendar, can
    you give another link?

  3. too much yappin’ and standing around, just get to it and keep moving. We
    don’t need all the breaks to explain how to squat.

  4. Morakod Rattanagarun

    This week I start Level2, I hope to do all 3 level
    My body start change
    Anyway thank you so much

  5. To people who want to bulk up some day. Copy And Paste into Google Morsch
    Muscle Madness to find out more.

  6. amazing, the swivels are a great abs burn and loved the side lunge
    shifting. Just another great workout, thank you.

  7. ScottHermanFitness

    There are many forms of a deadlift. This is a stiff-legged single-legged
    deadlift. You should probably think about doing research before you comment.

  8. ScottHermanFitness

    If you are not a beginner you can totally start with level 2. Good luck!
    Can’t wait to see your results!

  9. I had been teaching for 28 years and this clip is a mess …..i can’t
    believe how bad are the cues of the Instructor leading the Class and the
    models look pretty but no CLUE of POSTURE or exercising correct…..You
    need REAL experienced trainers to teach this clips….. Watch out viewers
    you are get hurt.

  10. Thumbs up if you thought the planks with the row & fly were easy until you
    switched sides! This workout was great 8-). At this rate I’ll have a 4pack
    in 30. Keep them coming. Subscribed!!!

  11. Hey Scott, Tony Do here. Not sure if you remember me, but just wanted to
    say I’m proud of you bro! Started following SHF at the beginning of my
    fitness journey back in 2009. At that time you were on your game up. Great
    to see that you’re STILL moving up in the ladder. Much love.

  12. A little to fast for me, I would loose balance if i do it with your speed.
    I liked the routine. Nice to do it in the park . I defenitely will use
    these exercise tomorrow when i go exercise to the park.

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