Top 9 Six Pack Shortcuts Workouts Mike Chang

Do you want to get ripped FAST? Here’s how: Hi guys, Mike here with a montage of my all time best workouts form …
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33 thoughts on “Top 9 Six Pack Shortcuts Workouts Mike Chang”

  1. Erming Sangala

    5 of the nine are on my weekly routine.. fav workouts!!! Keep smiling Chang

  2. Bhejendra Pun Magar

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    quick way for you to bulk up fast.

  4. hi mike my name is praveen and i am 17 years old my parents wont let me go
    to the gym i have a dumbell 8kg with me and iam dong workouts with it for
    about 3 week i have no improovement pls help me with this

  5. This guy talks absolute bollocks! If you are going to work out your chest
    and back at the same time, it is likely that you will run out of energy to
    properly work your chest. Take whatever he says with a pinch of salt.

  6. Daniel Allison

    Full of bull crap, I never work out abs haven’t done so for a year now, and
    I have abs and I eat like crap and believe me I can get fat too no problem.
    Do real workouts like dead lifts, squats, and power cleans coupled with
    some super sets and you wont need to listen to this scam artist. I only
    workout three times a week for an hour or less. My advice is rest rest rest
    protein protein protein. The whole monster set six pack shortcut ab gimmick
    is bull, don’t waste your time or energy at the gym

  7. mathlover101hotmail

    I wonder if this guy is natural. With the amount of mass he recently put on
    in his newer videos.

  8. FirstName LastName

    his “monster” set claim is bullshit, almost all supersets should be paired
    with different muscles, mike chang is a scam artist fuck this guy fuck his
    monster sets, its just a superset with a name to try and make money and get

  9. ChicanoPridex08

    Dumbest shit I ever heard. “Heavy weights build big muscles”. Tell that to
    all the known body builders who do high reps for each muscle group.
    Everyone is different, and high reps = blood to be pumped in the muscles
    which = muscle growth/mass. Heavy weights usually builds strength. 

  10. Heavy weight doesn’t build muscle. Time under tension does. This dude is a

  11. lmao, I’ve used chest/back, shoulder/bicep/tricep routine every once in a
    while for about 10 years now… It’s great to change things up for a bit
    but you in the long run it’s not so great.

  12. THANKS MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got back from the gym and
    I gave this monster set thing a try. AND THE PUMP WAS ABSOLUTLY
    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my muscles were almost TWICE as big as they are
    with no pump. and it felt so wierd, so different, SO POWERFUL!!!!!!!
    THANKS AGAIN MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Really sick of seeing your shitty ads before every fucking video I watch on
    youtube. Your face is really beginning to annoy the fuck out of me.

  14. It’s all about intensity, not weight. This guy is full of shit, use a heavy
    weight you can control have very short rest periods because you need to
    break down the muscles, and not giving them time to rest between sets it’s

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  16. aashish Rajdhami

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  18. Tubzy Fitness

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  19. Hunter Depriest

    Is this a bodybuilding channel or a comedy channel? Because just about
    everything he said sounded like a joke to me.

  20. Adam Hardacre

    That’s not the same guy in the before and after picture! I’m disappointed
    in you 

  21. Benjamin Frizzell

    You’re telling me 2,669 people weren’t aware of this simple and obvious
    training technique? I could have told you all about this in a 1 minute
    video (not 7:32), with my shirt on, and not try to sell you any “free”
    stuff at the end. Mike Chang…you scam artist!

  22. FirstName LastName

    this is so fucking dumb, why would u superset dumbell curls with bicep
    curls in the first place

  23. This shit is nothing new. He just rips off existing workouts and claim they
    are his own

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