Top 7 Best Supplements For Building Muscle Quickly

Get more details about the best supplements for building muscle quickly: In this video from Weight Gain Network, Tr…

21 thoughts on “Top 7 Best Supplements For Building Muscle Quickly”

  1. A mix of truth and bro science. (ie: timing of the creatine, of dextrose,
    caseine and glutamine blabla…).

  2. You don’t need to have simple carbs and protein within 45 min post
    workout. That myth has pretty much been debunked, and simple carbs are not
    needed. It’s not going to hurt having simple/carbs and protein post

    Flax seed and other healthy fats will not increase testosterone to any
    significant degree and will probably only increase testosterone in people
    who don’t consume enough fats in their diet.

  3. Interested but can’t listen to that audio. Just a cheap lavalier mic can do
    wonders or you can try a cheap directional shotgun mic. The built-in omni
    mic plus a kitchen = what you have here. Audio is more important than video
    most of the time.

  4. Weight Gain Network

    @Griffin Rees – Yeah I think this is the last of the videos we shot that
    had bad sounds quality. All the videos moving forward will have much better

  5. If you are looking to maximize your results in the gym, I recommend all of
    these. These can be found fairly cheap on sites like Amazon,etc

  6. Jeff Masterson

    Troy nailed it. Every skinny guy needs to see this before they walk into a
    supplement store.

  7. Nothing can EVER be scientifically proven. Any product that claims to be
    scientifically proven are telling lies

  8. Do you alternate between supplements or are you suppose to take all 7 on
    workout days…seems like a lot of shakes to drinks before or after

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