Top 3 Mistakes Intermediate Lifters Make

Get ripped abs fast: What’s up, It’s Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts, and today we are going to talk about 3 major mistakes…
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25 thoughts on “Top 3 Mistakes Intermediate Lifters Make”

  1. Jellybeans Jenkins

    Hey im 15 years old and i have been working out for like 3 months or so
    doing 3 ish workouts a week at about 30 mins each. (i mainly do chest
    shoulders and arms). I am slightly overweight (meaning i have a small tummy
    and im slightly over average in size. I can tell im getting stronger as i
    can lift heavier and my muscles feel harder but im not becoming more lean
    and muscular. Is it because im young or because i need to start doing
    cardio or something?

  2. now that his hair is long i always think of Jakie Chan when i watch his

  3. I seriously wanted to try the after burn because I’m serious about being in
    control of my body, But it’s just much to expensive for it to be an
    experimental thing.

    I love this channel but sometimes you can’t trust everyone when money gets

  4. don’t understand why all these people hating on mike when he just trying to
    help. If you know u don’t like him, don’t watch his videos

  5. The Nerdy Atheist

    Mike i have a little problem. I have been working out for a while now and i
    love how my body is getting, but i still feel like i look very skinny in my
    oblique area, not that i don’t work them, i do, in fact I have a very
    strong core, i can even do a perfect human flag but i feel like my body
    look so much better if the side of my abs was just a little bit thicker
    with muscle. I do know my body type is very exomorphe so im naturally slim
    looking but is there anything i can do or is this just the way my body

  6. These points make so much sense, especially common sense. Change and
    variation is the essence of life. At 60 I am still using these principals
    in my workouts and cardio. I love your advice and routines. Thanks for
    keeping us strong.

  7. Angel Ramirez (M&F)

    5:41 “I develop new muscles” Shiieet!! That is freaking amazing! Are you
    sure you are human??

  8. i never liked this channel, but he always has some legit points that people
    should know

  9. No intermediate lifter is going to take advice from you, because they’re an
    intimidate lifter who knows better…

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