Toning & Building Muscle : How to Build Real Muscle Fast

When building real muscle fast, eat nutritious food and implement an exercise plan to add structure. Build real muscle fast with tips from a fitness speciali…
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41 thoughts on “Toning & Building Muscle : How to Build Real Muscle Fast”

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  4. @SubZeroSkyLine What do you think a muscle repairs itself with? Your body
    can’t just make more muscle out of thin air. It needs nutrients and fuel
    for the repair process. Go back to high school biology

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  6. can someone tell me what to do if you weigh 126 pounds and u look like a
    bag of bones…………i have been working out for going i believe 6
    months now and all iput on in 6 months is 3lbs….im the smallest of all my
    buddies and im looking for help

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  11. Im having shoulder problems and having pt which should heal by in about 6
    weeks. I can’t bench of anything like that until then, how can i prevent
    most or any gain loss?

  12. About the protein if you are overweight do you still need to have a lot of
    protein or should you eat less

  13. Love the spartan rises program so far dude. So simple so easy to follow and
    it’s really something I can stick with because it unlocks more and more
    every week. One question though: how do I get access to the food intake
    breakthrough system? Will it be unlocked like the way all the missions are?
    Or is it something I can’t gain access to because I got a spartan rises for

  14. Ryan, I’m just wrapping up my first week of A Spartan Rises program, and so
    far I love it! The workouts are just the right balance for me and I can
    already tell I’m getting stronger. I just have one
    problem….Benchpress…..Ive been workout out for a few months now, and I
    always shy away from barbell bench press because I just can’t seem to get
    it. On the Incline Dumbell Press, I can do 6 reps with the 40 lb dumbells,
    but when I go over to the Barbell flat bench I die out after 4 or 5 reps at
    only 95lbs… Please help!

  15. Hey I’m new to the gym life I went to know if I still need to do a warm-up
    before starting the work out because I waik to the gym and its a 40 minute
    waik thanks love you videos :)

  16. it is a glorious day to learn about muscle building! thank you for your
    videos, they help me out alot! keep up the good work.

  17. Thank u so much for the advise Ryan. I’ve been working out for quite some
    time and hit a plateau. Thankfully i followed your advise focusing on
    compound lifts and it finally breaks thru the plateau, especially doing
    squats. However, my arms seem to be growing slower compare to other major
    muscles. Is it better to do arms after workout or a day itself ?

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