TMW: The Absolute Best Exercises to Build Muscle Plain & Simple

TMW: The Absolute Best Exercises to Build Muscle Plain & Simple


25 thoughts on “TMW: The Absolute Best Exercises to Build Muscle Plain & Simple”

  1. push (vertical & horizontal)
    pull (vertical & horizontal)
    Deadlift (bend)

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  8. To the people who were confused about why they would recommend
    (conventional) deadlifts even though they don’t do them, if you want an
    alternative that is arguably less injury prone, a few options are as
    follows: good mornings, romanian deadlifts, straight or stiff leg
    deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, glute bridges, glute ham raises, or rack pulls.
    The basic idea is to have a hip-extension dominant compound lift that
    emphasizes the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. You lose some of the
    upper back benefits by avoiding deadlifts, but you get a lot of that from
    rows and you can switch back squats to front squats for thoracic spinal

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  10. Indescribe18

    I know squatting and deadlifting are 2 of the best exercises for building
    muscle but I can’t do them because they don’t have the right equipment at
    my 24 hour gym..

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