TMW – How to Benchpress to Build Muscle @hodgetwins

TMW - How to Benchpress to Build Muscle @hodgetwins

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25 thoughts on “TMW – How to Benchpress to Build Muscle @hodgetwins”

  1. When I was lifting…… If I had to arch my back even a little, I lowered
    the weight. However, in my lifting days I lifted 100% alone 100% of the
    time. I was big on lower weight with slower and controlled motion. I always
    see the arching, the jerking, and the rocking when lifting. All of it is
    counter productive. I need to take my butt back into lifting. 

  2. Hey, can somebody help me with this problem. When i’m bringing the dumbells
    together with the dumbell bench press. I can’t feel tension in my chest
    when I’m at the top of the movement. Is this bad? And how can I fix this?

  3. The concept of powerlifitng is great in my opinion. It’s just to grow
    stronger and become bigger. But when poerlifters add all this gear bullshit
    that adds a lot to their lift and lower their range of motion as short as
    possible they just ruin what powerlifting is supposed to be. It then makes
    powerlifting look like all ego, no gains, and complete bullshit.

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  5. Henry The Unicorn

    oh god….my back hurts from watching that….if the average powerlifter is
    like dat…wat the fuck…

  6. He’s a powerlifter which means he’s all about lifting as much as he can. I
    was considering joining a club once but after I saw some of their
    techniques I felt they were cheating themselves too much.

  7. Kathleen Brennan

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  8. wtf nobody should lift like that weird ass blonde bitch, just be a man and
    fucking do benchpress normally fuck.

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