Tips for your first Powerlifting Meet

Just some advices for your first meet… The Importance of Equipment: Attempt Selection: Facebook: ht…
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13 thoughts on “Tips for your first Powerlifting Meet”

  1. Shaine MacDonald

    When can you start competing in your opinion or should you wait until your
    lifts are more impressive?!

  2. ahmad safwan ruslan

    hey man I just found out that there will be a meet at my hometown area. I
    was just wondering whether I should just go for it or not. the meet is on
    the 27/12 haha. 

  3. hey Josh thanks for taking my request and making this video. im sure it
    will help lots of people such as myself before their first meet

  4. well now i have to focus on clenching my ass real tight during my squat
    bench and dead to i dont shit myself on the platform LOL good advice.

  5. Almost got disq from my first meet because of compression shorts. Also
    gotta mention that your tshrit can’t have logos… and IPF doesn’t allow
    you to use the thumb loop for your wrist wraps during the bench, I don’t
    understand that at all. 

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