The Ultimate Muscle Build Drink for Lean Mass Gains

The Ultimate Muscle Build Drink for Lean Mass Gains Be a Fit Fast and Strong All-Natural athlete Chris Krueger TSC Add my facebook:!…

25 thoughts on “The Ultimate Muscle Build Drink for Lean Mass Gains”

  1. Jayatissa Deweddana Gamage

    It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when normal people accomplish it
    easily with “Smashing Ripped X” (Google it).

  2. 1:45 ….Yes CHRIS, we’re the only species that drinks milk from another
    species…Consequently the Countries with the most meat and dairy
    consumption have the most bone problems, cancer, etc

  3. David Eriksen

    Milk is actually the most important part of building the muscles.. i agree
    on that one. but ofc.. u have to eat other shit to.. xD. But awesome vid

  4. Grant Halverson

    haha this was random and hillarious!! but good info i didn’t realize how
    good it is for protein with low fat. i used to hear chocolate milk was good
    but it usaully has a lot of sugar.

  5. Skim milk has actually a higher glycemic index than regular milk
    —>greater insulin secretion —> greater fat accumulation Get your milk
    raw from your local farm, don’t buy the sterilized water pus they sell in
    the stores

  6. Love this video CK… there are so many magazine n tv programs talking abt
    all different kind of suppliments… protein , creatine, NOS, tribulas etc
    etc and they make it like u need these suppliments to loose weight, be
    muscular, be healthy. Thx ck keep the vlogs comming

  7. Rafikul Islam

    Guys! 🙂 Have you tried the Explosive Muscle Method (search on google)? My
    brother says it gets people stronger…

  8. David Eriksen

    @MrMaryJanes Scientists like u think ur clever, without testing the shit. A
    millions off people Have Got strong of drinking milk the most. have u tried
    it ? NO ! U’ve read a book.. ur not clever, kid.

  9. Melina .N. Calaway

    ahah funny, you look like zack ryder and the way you speak its like him xd

  10. @smoothMousePad You’re a moron if you believe that humans are designed to
    drink milk from animals. You get power, definition, and stamina from
    greens, fruits , nuts and seeds. Not to mention incredible health, and
    clarity if mind and soul. The studies I am talking about show 99.9% of
    Countries that consume large amounts of dairy have arthritis, osteoporosis,
    and a host of other problems from consuming dairy, yet somehow countries
    with very low dairy consumption have none of these problems. hmmm

  11. Skylandforever

    @TSuperChallenge Chris you’re hilarious, when I get home this fall I’m
    going to order the TSC heart of a champion program, what does it come with?

  12. KillerCracker69

    @mikek241 So true! Pasteurized milk is useless. You need the enzymes in the
    raw milk to assimilate the nutrients and amino acids. Many people who are
    lactose intolerant can tolerate raw milk because it naturally contains
    lactase which breaks down the lactose (which causes the allergies).

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