The Truth About Lifting Heavy – With John Barban

One exercise trick to get you shredded abs: Hey guys, It’s Mike and I have my buddy John today to talk about how much weight… CHECK OUT MY NEW BIKINI BODY WEIGHT TRAINING EBOOK Rachel Gu…
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50 thoughts on “The Truth About Lifting Heavy – With John Barban”

  1. Yes people lift to look good, but I think that goal is superficial and thus
    should not be the main reason why people lift. What more is there to
    lifting after you have achieved your ideal physique? The need for more is
    human and we will always want something more. You cannot attain that
    “more” through just maintaining your physique. Ultimately, I think people
    should lift for the desire to get stronger (let the drive come from within)
    and just appreciate the solid physique that comes along with lifting for

  2. This has got to be the most pussyfied video on the tubes… 🙁 i bet you
    pussys stink up the place with estrogen… 

  3. these guys are ridiculous. it’s like they’re convincing themselves why they
    don’t have impressive lifts don’t matter. if you don’t bench, squat, or
    deadlift then you’re a pussy IMO. lifting heavy DOES build muscle geniuses.
    and if you only lift to impress girls then that’s even more pathetic.
    especially if you don’t have numbers to prove it. just building your body
    on machines is pretty embarrassing when you try to show strength in the
    real world. stop giving bad advice and excuses on BS. there’s nothing
    negative about the big 3. strengthen your body on those and you won’t have
    any problems. I’m tired of guys like this that advise not to do these
    lifts. you’re hurting other people’s potential and wasting their time if
    they believe you. Mike, you and you’re little sidekick need to stop with
    this. people viewing, don’t listen to this uneducated advise and stay away
    from what they sale. Mike is a scammer.

  4. For me, the looks are the least of it. Health should always be #1. As we
    age, we all want to just feel good (hopefully little to no pain) and be
    able to easily take care of our daily chores, be it climbing stairs with
    ease, or simply moving well. At 61, I now do whatever I think I need to do
    to maintain my fitness level for as long as possible.
    Still lifting, but scaled down with decent form, plenty of body weight
    routines, and lots of hill climbing.

  5. This video is a crock of shit. “Only 1% of people will actually see you
    lift that heavy weight, so what’s the point”, as if to say we only do this
    to impress others. You clearly do this for the approval of others. Lame

  6. wow thats shit a attitude theres always gonna be someone stronger so to me
    that means theres gonna be always someone to chase,and personally id rather
    be smaller but stronger,i love when big guys come into the gym thinking
    there all that and than i lift more than them making them my bitches,i love
    the look on there faces,mike youd be one of those guys

  7. Virgil Mcdonald

    It’s all relevant. Personally I don’t like the lean look for me. I like a
    big chest shoulders and legs with a small gut. But if you wanna be ripped
    and care about being lean this is good advice. I’ll never stop lifting

  8. my theory is if you lift heavy enough to the point were it intimidates you
    is what you want then giving you a little adrenaline boost improving your

  9. gregthesplintercell

    Wait so John Barban doesn’t benchpress so what does he do then ? They
    should of probably told us.

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  11. Comeone what the fuck. You get injury on deadlift it you let the bar hit
    the floor ever rep. Allways keep it above the ground.

  12. us guys need to like this video to get every girl on the planet
    lifting…..and making this world a better place

  13. TakeMeToTheWaters

    Now, I’ve been super skinny all my life with a high metabolism. The last
    thing I want to do is lose weight or get skinnier. How exactly should I
    start weight-lifting with the goal in mind to just bulk up a little bit and
    get some nice muscles? 

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  15. Derek ,Nate Williams, Smith


  16. Just got in a argument after trying to nail this point home with my
    girlfriend for over a year now. Just watched this video and it’s so
    informative and done in what I assume is a very female friendly way! I
    shall show it to her as soon as she arrives seeing as she has calmed down
    now. Great video! :D

  17. Ok, so There are alot of many who do not want to get muscular, bulky or
    whatever, but what about the petite women who do want to put on muscles,
    weight etc.??

  18. Hi D. This is really common. Check out my ebook which may help you. I have
    posted the link in the video description x

  19. I am afraid to lift weights because I fear I might do it wrong. I have no
    idea were to start honestly I guess I will have to browse youtube for some
    workout ideas.

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