The Super Beginner Workout “Be a 10 in 2010”

(0:57)- Hang-Squat (1:42)- Hang-Lunge (2:26)- Elbow-To-Knee Crunch (3:16)- Push-Up into Push-Up Stabilizer (4:13)- Standing Leg-Raise (4:54)- Standing Calf-R…

25 thoughts on “The Super Beginner Workout “Be a 10 in 2010””

  1. I have a huge question Scott. I’ve been working out at home for about
    almost 3months. I have 20lbs weights, I weigh 130, i’m 19 yrs old, and I do
    ab workouts as well. I have seen great results doing normal exercises at
    home!!. I normally do 4 sets of 25 reps. However, i’m starting to have
    trouble getting bigger chest & arms. I only do pushups for chest, and bicep
    curls for biceps. any tips??? or should I just be patient? please help me
    out & thank you! you’re awesome man!!! keep doing great work

  2. great vid scott, wonderful to see some exerc’s a beginner like me can try
    without getting discouraged. Thank you & the people helping you getting it
    on cam.

  3. Hey, you have your chest bigger. It looks so muscular. However, don’t lose
    your proportion that is really nice.

  4. Oh hello! Have you tried intellectus 424 diet (do a google search)? Ive
    heard some great things about it and my cooworker lost a lot of weight with

  5. Andreas Wedtgrube

    Thank you for the videos, they’re always awesome. 😉 Ps. What’s the
    difference between do the exercices three times in a row and three times
    NOT in a row?

  6. hey scott ill say this is like a warm up dont u think? i mean i do most of
    those before i satr my work out, u see im 25 year old guy i have bein goin
    to the gym for about a year and i dont really see much differens in my
    muscle i mean i got stronger but my mass still about the same, what
    exercises do u recomend me to do to boost my testoteron? help please

  7. vigilantezack

    @BBlivefeeds If you are trying to build muscle, don’t overdo the cardio, as
    going for too long can be catabolic on muscle (body eats muscle for
    energy). However, cardio is still great for improving lung and heart
    muscles, blood flow, etc… So try to go out and walk for 2 minutes, then
    jog for 1, walk for 2, jog for 1 and repeat about five times. If that’s too
    easy, do run instead of jog. If that’s easy, increase run time, lower walk
    time. Find a sweet spot that gets your heart going good!

  8. your leg position at 1:58 remind me of swastika 😀 great videos thou, your
    clear and good explanations inspired me to actually do something for my
    body muscles !

  9. hey scott i’ve began working out after a few months of being a lazy ass, i
    love your videos but i was wondering, can you make a play list composed of
    videos you’ve filmed for beginners? Also a suggestion of mine would be in
    the beginning of the video give us an intro of all the exercises you’d be
    doing in a video where you’re showing more than one type of work out. kind
    of like an intro to what we’re gona view.

  10. yoursmineours8

    Thank you Scott!! I know Cliff has told you about my health issues and this
    workout will be perfect for me to get started!

  11. Great Vid- I was in the AF for awhile and got out due to a knee injury. So
    Im glad that you made a workout I can do at home (cause I wont lie I hate
    workout vids in general I just want to workout) Pus I love that you show us
    the right way to use things at the gym cause nothing worse than going in
    and looking like a dork..hehe !

  12. @abc12320091 it’s just the lighting of outside since the shadows goe over
    the front of his body, you cant the the definition as much

  13. @PuZzLeZ17 check out my chest exercise video to see a few ways u can hit it
    and also check out scotts other chest workout vids for ideas

  14. Even if one is advanced you should try doing this. I used to be a dancer
    and at times would take a beginner class to help my body remember the very
    basic movements for more advanced steps, it was harder than it looked, and
    I found that when I went back to faster classes my body actually felt
    stronger and more centered, don’t underestimate the basics, your body can
    and will learn tricks to get around the harder exercises.

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