The Situation Workout Insane Abs

The situation Work out for your Abs.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 thoughts on “The Situation Workout Insane Abs”

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  15. I Did This 3 Times Like You Said And I Am A Little Sore I’M Only 15 And
    Haven’t Worked Out Properly In A While. I Think This Is Going To Be Much
    First Workout Every Morning. :-)

  16. Shanese Pritchard

    I just finished this work out and I feel the burn. I will be doing this
    exercise 3 times a week. Thanks!!!

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  18. i work out like 2-3 time a week but i hate doing abs workout cause my are
    so weak(could only do like 7 crunches) but this abs video has help soooo
    much! I started out doing it one or twice everyday and work my way up till
    finally i could finally do harder abs workouts. thank you!

  19. awesome work out!! I go to the gym often, which makes me feel like I’m in
    great shape but after doing this work out I see how much I actually don’t
    work out at the gym!! Thank you so much for this video! You’re awesome keep
    up the great work!

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