The ONLY 4 Exercises You Need to Grow Stronger

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25 thoughts on “The ONLY 4 Exercises You Need to Grow Stronger”

  1. Nilesh Jambhekar

    This guy has the sign of someone who knows his shit but also someone who
    might possibly kill a person for looking at him wrong. 

  2. Crazy how no matter what plan you look at, be it something as simple as
    four exercises, or a crazy plan involving all kinds of whacky shit,
    everyone says to do deadliest and squats, yet there’s NEVER a group
    gathered around the squat rack. 

  3. Daniel Despres

    I despise front squats. HATE them. Every time I try my wrists feel like
    they’re gonna snap. I’ve done them with personal trainers (two different
    ones), in front of a mirror… everything. I hate them. I’ll stick to my
    back squat and behind-the-back-deadlifts thanks :)

  4. I appreciate how practical and articulate you are. You might consider
    losing the foul language because you really don’t need it. It simply
    detracts from the exceptional content you are delivering. I would love for
    my sons to hear you explain these things but would be hesitant to because
    of just a couple words (totally gratuitous) in the entire clip. It’s funny
    how so many feel compelled to use them even though they are totally
    unnecessary. Hope you will accept that as constructive criticism to help
    your channel grow. Thanks for the excellent content.

  5. It hurts.

    Just cracked off some work… good lord I have slipped far!

    Deadlifts, 90lbs + bar. 2 sets of 5 reps only.

    Front squats, couldn’t do… legs and butt knotted up!! Shitty.

    Wide grip pulldowns, 110 lbs, 2 sets… 8 reps and 8 reps only

    Dips..body weight… 6 reps and 8 reps. Both were only ¾ depth lowered.

    Wow. Really bummed out about where I once was and where I am now. But…
    turning 49 I guess I should know better. Going to go for a short walk
    tonight, roll things out and come Friday I should be healed enough to go at
    it again.

    Decided on the 4 basic exercises to get my foundation back in the game

    Anyone else just started up again? Thinking about it? Come join me by
    sharing back and forth what we got done. If I guilt you that I put in a
    session and you haven’t yet… it might be motivation to get one in right?
    Or vice versa. 

  6. i found a good comment guys,

    Dips: chest, triceps, shoulders; this is your “push” exercise and it works
    all your pushing muscles
    Pull ups: lats, biceps, rear delts; this is your “pull” exercise and it
    works all your pulling muscles (besides maybe traps)
    Deadlift: works basically every muscle, self-explanatory
    Squats: best exercise for legs, nuf said

    So yeah, these exercises, as Elliott explained, are great for overall
    strength, flexibility, and muscular balance. If you work them all equally
    you will have no muscular imbalances, unless of course you have imbalances
    prior to starting the program, which is not uncommon.

    I honestly think that it should be mandatory to watch this video before
    stepping into a gym for the first time. I see way too many beginners come
    into the gym and swing some 20 pound dumbbells around in attempt to do
    curls and they think that this will make them buff lol.

    But I digress. The point is, if you do just these 4 exercises (with good
    form and a good diet, of course) you will become both strong and aesthetic.
    I’d recommend doing each exercise twice a week, giving you a 4 day split
    (ie. dips/deadlifts on Monday and Thursday, pull ups/squats on Tuesday and

  7. These are important, but Military Press is also as important as dips and
    pull ups. 

  8. I do calisthenics, are these exercises good or should i mix them up? Would
    be happy to hear from anybody 🙂
    1. Squats
    2. Push ups
    3. Crunches/leg raises
    4. Pull ups

  9. Anyway i could get a kettlebell version? Would kettlebell deadlift,
    kettlebell squat, Swing and Snatch work? Great vid btw

  10. I’d say do a lower body exercise, a push exercise, and a pull exercise on a
    day. Nect time pick 3 different variations. Grips can be changed (or foot
    position) to target different muscles slightly, and the angle of the pull
    or push can also be changed.

    Deadlift (Yes it’s a lower body exercise. It mainly targets the hams,
    glutes, and lower back)
    Bench press
    Pull ups

    back high bar squat
    over head press
    Bent over rows

    low bar squat

    high bar squat
    incline bench press
    underhand griped rows

    Stiff legged deadlifts
    decline bench oress
    neutral grip pull ups

    front squats
    close grip bench press
    wide grip rows


  11. Is it bad that I don’t know what dips are? I got to get my dip game on for
    2015 – will start by finding out what they are. 

  12. what was that about the abdominal wall? and these excercises would get u
    ripped abs would it? i still like it though, also are other people wrong
    who say u need to do a few different excercises per muscle?

  13. You had a golden opportunity to ‘SHOW’ the 4 exercises you talked about –
    you failed to retain my interest in your channel – pity really.

  14. 1. Deadlift

    2. [Front-] Squats

    3. Chin-ups / Pull-ups

    4. Overhead Press

    5. [normal or close grip] Bench Press

    6. Bent over rows / dumbell rows

    (Optional: Dips & [Power-] Clean)

  15. You’re insane.Deadlifts are worst exercise,you are practicly begging for
    lower back injury if you do deadlifts.Smarten up kid don’t talk nonsense.

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