The Diet That Got Me Ripped

Get your free audio book here: What’s up guys, It’s Mike featuring my good buddy Carlos Vilas and today I’m going to talk about the d…
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  1. Six Pack Shortcuts

    What’s up guys,

    It’s Mike featuring my good buddy Carlos Vilas and today I’m going to talk
    about the diet that got him ripped in a short amount of time. Take his
    advice and use his tips to work toward getting the body you’ve always

  2. Last June I weighed 93kg (175cm tall). I am now down to 75.2KG. The diet
    videos and fat burning work outs have really helped me. I still have a
    little fat but will now be doing weight training 3 times per week (totally
    new to me) and cardio 2-3 times (cycling/running/swimming – im training for
    triathlon or boxing/rugby). I have lost nearly 3 stone. Thanks Mike –
    your videos really helped. I now have 4 weeks before going on holiday. Im
    hoping i can get the last of the fat gone and gain a little shape – I may
    have my shirt off on the beach for the first time in 8 years!

  3. My body is storing carbs… OMG!
    You mean, like, Glycogen?

    Because I doubt my body is converting any carbohydrates into fat, because
    that rarely ever happens.

    You know why he lost weight? Because by reducing the amount of
    carbohydrates on non-training days, he reduced overall calories…

    Nothing to do with carb intake.

    BAM! Science Bitch!

  4. I’m on my 3rd week cutting out my carbs. I’m not going to lie, it’s been
    tough. I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping, I’ve not had the energy to work
    out as much and I’ve felt so drained, but the results are incredible. I’ve
    dropped a lot of water weight and some bodyfat and I’m looking lean and
    feeling great.

    I’ve done it before and find low carb diets the most effective way to drop
    bodyfat and overcome cravings for junk food and sweets.

    From what I’m reading, a lot of the fatigue and side effects can be
    minimised by keeping your salt, potassium and magnesium levels up (drink
    lots of water, eat leafy greens such as spinach). Also, don’t be afraid to
    eat fat! Forget all this social conditioning that fat is bad. If you’re
    cutting your carbs, you have nothing to fear from fat. Like these guys
    said, it’s when you mix carbs and fats that you risk high cholesterol and
    weight gain. 

  5. Id like MC to talk about the following and what his experience has been.

    Trenbolone Acetate.
    Testosterone Enanthate

    Carbs kill the brain? I guess that explains all the SMART asians who LIVE
    on rice and noodles and design all the technology on the planet. 

  6. You don’t understand that begginers don’t know what macros calories and
    proteins are saying low carb for breakfast he isn’t gonna know is he I
    don’t know either 

  7. Hericonio Ecoholic

    Hello Mike @Six Pack Shortcuts, just wanna ask, can I still do workout
    during those 2 weeks of reset (no carbs eating)? I’m just curious. Thanks.

  8. My only counter argument to high protein and no carbs is that your body
    needs to break down carbs for energy. But if you’re taking in a ton of
    protein but hardly any carbs, your body will eventually start breaking down
    protein and muscle into sugar. Then again, I am no expert either so if
    anyone has a counter argument to this, please feel free to respond, because
    just like most people watching this video, I’m trying to figure things out
    as well.

  9. While Mike is right that low carb diets are highly effective in reducing
    body fat, he is not explaining it well. The primary reason carb restriction
    works to burn body fat is because carb restriction minimizes circulating
    insulin. Insulin is secreted in response to carbs (and to a much lesser
    extent protein). High and sustained levels of circulating insulin, which is
    produced when consuming a high carb low fiber diet, induces fat storage and
    the retention of fat by up regulating Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL), which pulls
    fat into the fat cell and locks it there. LPL is only stimulated when
    insulin levels are elevated. Conversely, when blood serum levels of insulin
    drop because one is consuming little carbohydrate, levels of glucagon
    increase, thus stimulating hormone sensitive lipase (HSL). HSL breaks down
    stored body fat and uses it for fuel – hence fat loss.

    If a person can stay slim in the presence of a highly refined carb rich
    diet, it is because their bodies are so insulin sensitive that their
    insulin levels never get too highly elevated for long. If a person accrues
    fat easily, when consuming just a modest amount of carbs, it is because
    their cells are insulin resistant, and therefore their pancreas must
    secrete a lot of insulin to utilize carbs, thus leading to elevated insulin
    levels and fat storage.

    One way to tell that a speaker does not have a decent understanding of the
    biochemistry behind low carb diets is that they don’t mention insulin,
    glucagon, LPL and HSL, and speak, instead, strictly in terms of calorie
    utilization – like what is being done in this video. A great book on this
    subject, which details the efficacy of low carb diets and the biological
    mechanisms behind it, so that a layperson can understand it, is the book
    “Why We Get Fat: And What We Can Do About It” by awarding winning science
    writer Gary Taubes. I highly recommend i, and it should be the first and
    last word on diets. 

  10. You guys always seem to try and promote the cookie-cutter meal plan of
    needing to eat 6 meals a day every 2 – 3 hours or something along those
    lines. What about IIFYM? or Intermittent fasting? Both very viable and
    proven diet methods. Why not make a video on them?

  11. Well one person can point to a book that says high carbs destroys your
    brain and another can point to research that concludes high protien diets
    increse your risk of cancer. Who the hell can you believe these days and
    what diet to follow that is the million dollar question!

  12. my dude has no idea what he is talking about lol… come on mike you don’t
    need this fool to sell your product LOL

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