The Best WeightLifting Tips to Get Shredded – 45 Day Workout Program and Meal Plan Dieting Guide for the Gym #1 Product for the Gym – No More Guesswork – Step by Step Plan Designed by t…

24 thoughts on “The Best WeightLifting Tips to Get Shredded”

  1. Great tips. I just started working out so I’m trying to soak up as much
    information as possible!

  2. The bench press tip is a little off, there are 2 different types of
    muscles, if you push in an explosive movement you work fast twitch muscle
    fibres, which respond to heavy weight in explosive movements. If you go
    slowly with less or moderate it works slow twitch. Fast twitch fibres have
    more growth potential, but you should really train both. Muscle prodigy is
    a big name, when I think of that I think of Phil Heath, but you’re in good
    shape and can help people out.

  3. hate when guys look like shit but try to teach you how to lift dont look
    like what your doing is working 

  4. Video is cool ! But f””” noisy background’ man walking on treadmill like

  5. Bikram garamja

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  6. Mikey Mansteez

    OK so you are spot on about doing the exercises correctly and explaining it
    well. Only thing I can say is don’t be so afraid to go a little heavier and
    sacrificing form just a LITTLE bit. That way you are getting a great
    exhausting workout and you will see gainzzzz resultzzzz WAY quicker. His
    form is near perfect for all exercises demonstrated. Props there. Straining
    the body with more weight won’t break and tear you up, bodies are resilient
    and heal quickly/adapt to the straining movements.

    Semper Fi

  7. You DO NOT have to be the MOST SWOLE man on the block to have some simple
    KNOWLEDGE on the correct way to do things….Fellas, Don’t be ignorant with
    the comments.

  8. Akansha Chandra

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  9. ImmaTroll Goons

    These are tips for everyday life. Want a really tip chump? Go fuckin hang
    urself w some barbed wire. If if that dont work set urself on fire. Raping
    and burning ppl who think they can lift is my reality. What u should do is
    hang a baby from its testicles an a Lat bar and squish it between the
    weights… It may not get u ripped but it will bring a smile to your face!
    Have fun w it too, post ur videos to YouTube so i can masterbate to them…

  10. Bikram garamja

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  11. Sikesh Maharjan

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  12. cmon man some stuff is okay but some blows my mind like first put a shirt
    on omg and just for everyone dont lock out at the top of your bench and
    dont start with the weight on your shins on a dead lift simple stuff that
    helps alot

  13. Hello, have you seen this program called the Max Muscle Method? (google
    it). My mother in law says it gets people stronger.

  14. baikuntha raj baral

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