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25 thoughts on “The Best Fat Burning and Weight Loss Exercises For Summer”

  1. Gloria Georgieva

    I’m watching this video on my IPad.I really love those exercises and they work very well!!!

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  3. Chris Ofstein

    You have really helped me in my quest to gain cardio. Please subscribe to my channel for more cool videos

  4. what u call a ” lateral shuffel with a twist” is actually called a kareoke

  5. I should add: I prefer this way with a lot of explanation and only a bit of demonstration – it helps (me, anyway) get the form right.

  6. Asif Rahman Tomal

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  10. Mitchell Bosworth

    Alycia, I’ve recently lost 25 Lbs., and now am trying to lose 5 more. I just found your vids, last night while searching for ab exercises. So far I’ve only watched on my I-phone. I love your positive attitude, and the nutrition advice you give with the exercises. God bless you.

  11. I usually watch these 3 or 4 times on my home pc so I have the proper method and form in my mind, then I either do them at home or go to the gym to do them.

    Funny thing is… I had a personal trainer for 8 months that told me to do mountain climbers in the exact way you say not to. I have a bad disc in my back and bladder control issues so not only was it embarrassing but painful as well. Could you create a routine with low/no impact, effective exercises? That’d be fantastic. Thanks Alycia. 🙂

  12. MichaelJacksonEmmjay

    Lateral twists, my school and volleyball team has always called that “grapevine”.

  13. crazypeople9642

    The shuffle thingy was called karaoke when I played football. My sister said that her gymnastics teacher called it grapevines. 😛 I don’t think it has any definitive name.

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  16. Rabbul Hossain

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  18. i like to watch the whole thing and do it with you because it gets me motivated to continue .

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