The Alcohol and Fitness Mix

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26 thoughts on “The Alcohol and Fitness Mix”

  1. Love what u do! Genuinely keen and motivated to inspire those looking for
    guidance within the fitness industry! So many fakes around and bogus
    harmful products!! Naturale is the way forward!! This video was very
    useful! 😉 

  2. I noticed when people don’t eat at all and get hammered, people usually
    black out or have a horrible hangover… also from my personal

  3. Another way to see this is: Your body’s sources of energy are
    1-Carbohydrates, 2-Fats and 3-proteins, and consumes these sources in that
    same order, when you consume alcohol, your body uses it now as the first
    source of energy substituting this way the carbs, which is going to make
    the metabolizing process of these energy sources, now longer (time wise)
    before your body can start metabolizing your fat cells. But just as Scott
    says, reaching the consumption or metabolic process of the fat cells, is
    going to depend on the amount type and of alcohol you consume. This will
    also have different results according to the individual’s physical activity.
    Blessings everybody. Great topic +ScottHermanFitness 

  4. The weight gain typically seen from drinking is only partially responsible
    for slowing the liver. The additional calories often causes weight issues
    and the liver turns to fat making it harder for the liver to just pass the
    fat. The primary reason for beer belly is that beer promotes estrogen
    therefore guys will pack on fat in the belly and chest. The preferred
    alcoholic drink is Tequila or Red Wine, because it has less of an effect on
    blood sugar and affect estrogen levels less.

  5. I don’t drink my food I eat it lol. Ok sorry i was listening intently and
    that was a blooper. You sure are pretty on the eyes and are trying to help
    educate so good on ya. 

  6. VicariousReality7

    Alcohol is one of the very worst things you can possibly consume

    One of the few drugs that can literally kill you when you stop taking it

  7. I think its good to eat before u go out drinking…helps you to not get too
    drunk too fast…..what u think?? Don’t u get drunker on an empty stomach
    as there is nothing in there to soak up the alcohol??
    Also they say its good to drink milk before a night of drinking as it
    “lines the stomach”….

  8. The level of ignorance is amazing. Ever take a Nutrition class? The
    idiot is talking about this:

    The liver takes up various lipids from the blood. The liver also is the
    manufacturing site for lipids and cholesterol. The raw materials for lipid
    and cholesterol synthesis include free fatty acids taken up from the
    bloodstream, as well as carbon and hydro- gen derived from carbohydrates,
    protein, and alcohol. The liver then must package these synthesized lipids
    as lipoproteins for transport in the blood to body tissues.

    Thus, food does not complete with alcohol in terms of fat absorbed. Matter
    of fact, the liver has little to do with the dietary process other than
    produce cholesterol — not under your control — regulate LDL and HDL
    proteins — under your control. The liver does nothing other than: produce
    bile acids for digestion stored in the gallbladder, filter impurities,
    regulate insulin levels, receive digestive enzymes from fat absorption and
    fluid regulation.

    You will be better served in taking a basic nutrition class as I have done
    to become informed. This guy … while has ripped abs … like me, is
    horribly misinformed. Sorry folks :(

  9. this guy talks bull people if ye want a gr8 body eat good food and drink
    water, i wrk out 5 days a wk an i look gd yea also buy a wrk out dvd by
    sean T its a $100 

  10. If your body can’t digest or metabolize the food, how would it get stored
    at all? I don’t think there’s a special “undigested food fat storage pouch”
    somewhere in your stomach. It seems like this would actually make you
    absorb *less* calories.

  11. I have 1 question, I dont want to lose weight but to gain weight and create
    more muscle will alchohol destroy my gains or not?

  12. I lose weight when I drink. Always have done I can lose like 5-7 lbs in 2
    or 3 days after a night of heavy drinking. And it really effects my gains
    in the gym and strength for couple of weeks afterwards too

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