The 4 WORST Muscle Building Workout Mistakes Beginners Make

The 4 WORST Muscle Building Workout Mistakes Beginners Make

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25 thoughts on “The 4 WORST Muscle Building Workout Mistakes Beginners Make”

  1. 'I'o pua'a uahi Papale

    Damn 12 eggs.. That’s like 10 times your daily cholesterol.

    Eat protein that isn’t calorie dense!

  2. ‘dont cut your hair, your hair gives you power’

    YEAHHHH! i was thinking of cutting my hair for a while but then i shaved my
    beard for a job interview and realised that i must never cut my hair

  3. i have the problem that i train a lot but i proberly dont eat enough but
    the thing is never feel tired or something i always go the gym and playy
    football(soccer) besides it 

  4. unfortunatebeam

    “We’re guys, it’s ego”, actually no, it’s not all guys, there are lots of
    female weightlifters these days, more than ever before. And you’re
    stereotyping is stupid anyway, as if they’re aren’t women, a ton of women
    as a matter of fact, who are egomaniacs. Get over your muscle dysmorphia
    and see other value in yourself as a man. Who the hell has that kind of
    money to buy all that food anyway, get real. Food’s not getting any cheaper.
    And what the hell does “peeeeeza pocket” mean? That supposed to be funny?
    Btw, the person in the thumbnail for this video with the “Skinny” text on
    it doesn’t look skinny at all.

  5. I dont like beaing a hater but i’ve been building muscle and loosing
    weight, and both have been real good… so i dont know about that, however
    i do know thai if i first loose weight i’d lost it way faster, but you can
    do both perfectly fine. About the training stuff, i didnt quite get what
    you said about pain, because if next day of working out you dont feel
    anything then you didnt train good enough… you know NO PAIN NO GAIN haha,
    if you trying to be healthy and fitt like me you just have to eat, not even
    right but just not eating wrongly, like mc donalds and all that kind of
    SHIT, that just leave it out. And if your a begginer ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR
    TRAINER! If not then you are gonna make some BIG mistakes. Im just trying
    to explain MY experience, i dont want to sound offensive or nothing, but i
    disagree on many stuff u say, i understood them but you should explain them

  6. baldy hardnut

    u got quite a bit of fat that u need to burn useuf thats from eating all
    that shit food my man!

  7. Omar, I hope you can answer this: I’m a male anda according to an online
    calculator, my ideal body weight would be 64kg.
    Right now I have 75kg.
    I’m working with weights 5 days a week, 1 different group of muscles each
    day for about 30 to 40 minutes. Plus I’m walking for 1 hour at a fast pace
    3 times a week.

    My goal is to lose my love handles while gaining some muscle. Is it
    possible? Thanks a lot if you can help me with this :)

  8. if you are working out for a better look then yeah you shouldn’t eat
    everything, but if you are just going for strength, the strongest i’ve been
    was when i ate anything and everything didn’t look good but i was putting
    up all kindz of weight

  9. kailash verma

    srry , Bt u look like a girl, GET SOME BEARD MAN

  10. Ha tell those cross fitters that they’re getting nowhere with those
    ridiculous workouts

  11. i train at the gym too im 220-230lbs i want to lose weight but i lift
    weights alot, and sometimes i over due it recently i threw my back out and
    my neck from lifting weights. i was stuck at home for almost two weeks. im
    a big guy, i practically been training for 4-5yrs but those last 3-4 years
    i was slacker go here n there didn’t work at all. So last year i went about
    7-9 months straight skip one day of the week. I built muscle, gained
    weight, toned chest and arms, but all in all i didn’t lose stomach fat
    because all i did was weight training and nothing else. what is the best
    way to lose body fat?

  12. Schwetty Balzac

    A tiny 145lb?

    Shut up dude, I’m going to be 18 in one month and I only weigh 125. I’d
    kill to be 145.

  13. 1:05 and… as a beginner myself, working out for 6/7 months now.
    How do you learn to track your calories and all that, keep note that I
    don’t know at all on how to start on calculating calories and 1 gram,
    macros and all that.

    I’m only bulking relaxed for now, with no calculating of my calories or

  14. You might not think that those people were helping, but in actuality you
    gained weight and expanded in that time when you were learning and think
    that you “weren’t seeing results”. You still gained weight and got bigger,
    and then from there you were able to take off.. Your programs work because
    you think they work, but the best thing is to note that you need to eat
    enough, train enough and be consistent until you get those results.

  15. Great advice, homie! So nice to see somebody just…ya know…sharing what
    they’ve learned. This 5 minute video was immeasurably more valuable and
    informative than the collected works of Mike Chang, and I didn’t even need
    lube to watch your vid!

  16. I always eat one happy meal before working out. That makes me happy. I like
    to bring the toy you get with me into the gym. Some people call me an
    autistic faggot, but I don’t care. They don’t understand.

  17. My friends say that my warm-up and my first workout is “overkill” 25
    minutes crosstrainer (same pace the hole time) or 32 minutes one the
    treadmill (walking and jogging on and off) I am tired after that. Then I
    start my workout. I have 4 kind of workout’s (sorry for my grammar and my
    choice of words). The first one include benchpress, biceps, triceps,
    shoulders and wrists. I only increased 22,5 kg bench-wise over the last 2.5
    years… I must be doing something wrong. Does anybody have the knowledge
    to help me? BTW I normally bench 62,5kg, don’t know what my MAX is.

  18. Is this a good workout split ? My main goal is to have big arms:
    Monday: Legs
    Tuesday: Arms
    Wednesday: Back
    Thursday: Rest
    Friday: Chest
    Saturday: Rest
    Sunday: Shoulders
    Thank you

  19. I am not a chubby guy or something, but summer is coming, and I want to
    lose my extra fat, and train my muscles a little bit, so isn’t it when I
    work out, that I burn fat at the same time I create muscles?

  20. Completely agree with the eating too much part. I see way too many kids
    that start off skinny, then get fat by the next few months I see them at
    the gym. All you have to do is go over maintenance calories GRADUALLY.

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