The 4 Best Muscle Building Exercises

The 4 Best Muscle Building Exercises Muscle Building Expert Justin Woltering shows you the 4 best and most powerful muscle building …

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  2. i bench press using a smiths machine it is the same thing or should i
    ditch it and just start using just a normal bench?

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  7. @swifttiga if you straight off with light weight you don’t need use that
    technique. You only do the opposite hand technique when its heavy weight.
    Its like your secret weapon.

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  10. Chernobyl's Smog

    Quick Question: Why don’t you push your hands maximum up during chest press
    or military press? Does it change anything than push them to straight

  11. This video is good because it makes use of compound exercises many people
    do isolation exercises here hoping to get bigger muscle FAST but compound
    is much faster i really like this video

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