The 3 Best 6 Pack Ab Exercises ( Scientifically Proven ) A recent study looked at the best exercises for activating the abdominal muscles and these 3 6 pack abs exercises came out on t…
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  1. Triasputri Dwiani

    It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when other people do it
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  2. Look at Mark Pfletz, 45,000 sit ups in 58 hours…When you train ab, you
    burn calories, if you stay in the office you burn calories. Ask the
    trainers from Critical Bench or Dr. Rick Kaselj about crunch and sit ups.
    Ask the guys from Turbulence Training, Ben Pakulski also and many others

  3. I have always loved the bicycle kicks as part of my ab routine, i will add
    in those other 2 exercises and see how it goes starting tonight

  4. If you want to burn up fat quickly, you should do a google search “Reborn
    Lean Max”. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  5. Peter, I really want to tell you how much I appreciate your workout videos
    and how I actually prefer yours over Mike Chang’s! The reason to this is
    because you’re keeping it clean, never trying to promote a product or
    anything odd but instead just going straight to the point and give us the
    things we come for! I believe that you are legit, and I want this feeling
    to remain! I’ve lost trust for Mike, which is sad, but I don’t want to do
    the same with you! Stay clean and don’t make yourself into a brand instead
    of being the fitness guru that you are today!
    Big love

    P.S note that I’m not claiming that you are changing to a brand, just
    warning you for it to happen! Be neutral, just as you are today! 

  6. Thanks, this is really useful. I had a hunch about the answers, mainly
    because they work for my abs.

  7. I need help, cause I have the usual Mexican belly you know when the only
    part of my body that gets fat are my lower abs but I do have a fast
    metabolism, so I need like a plan I can follow to get the sixpack. I will
    try doing this workout but I doubt it if anyone who has the same body type
    as me and has a six pack could you give me any tips on how to get it? 

  8. quick question, when i do bicycle kicks my inside leg/groin ‘clicks and is
    quite painfull, any help

  9. The key here is to remember to incorporate these techniques into a program
    of cardio and or other fat burning exercises like weight training…not
    just pure ab work. This approach will maximise results

  10. Pone Tat Kun Zaw

    There are 100 of abs work out thats so true. I have try it all and
    sometimes i get confused don’t know which are the best abs work out. Now i
    know these 3 are most important and most effective abs work. Thanks man it
    helps me a lot :)

  11. Please help me – I suffer from Fibromyalgie and it’s becoming worse …
    Can I do this exercise ?

    Thank you 

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