Surya Namaskar Yoga For Weight Loss

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is a very powerful exercise for weight loss and body toning. Once can perform this exercise on regular basis for the balance of mind and body.
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Marjara means ‘cat’. This asana makes the spine flexible. It also helps cure backache and neck ache.

31 thoughts on “Surya Namaskar Yoga For Weight Loss”

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  4. shrivatsan Chari

    excellent video, good stretching for the body. most importantly it feels good and I usually sweat by the end.
    is it recommended to do only in the mornings? or is there another set for the evenings?

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  9. People do anything they want and call it Surya Namaskar. They can use a different name at least.

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  14. arnavkhushi raizada

    does this really work….cuz if it dsnt den i dont wanna try it…nd plz tell d truth!

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  16. superhowtoloseweight

    There’s no reason I won’t come back to this site again. Good work!

  17. this it it………………. its working big tym… in two days i feel my body has become loose and i feel lighter whn i do this….thank u anandyoga

  18. Soumya Sugathan

    Hi Devidutt…your presentation & the way its conveyed is excellent. But the biggest flaw is breathing technique in each of these steps. As you know, id we don’t have the correct breathing technique, this would not be effective. This has been the problem in every video of yours,:-)

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  21. Soumya Sugathan

    in particular for surya namaskar the breathign technique keeps varying & is v.important..suggest you to rectify this & foresure ppl will definitely follow what you are conveying in this video!

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