Superset Workouts: Do Supersets Build Muscle?

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35 thoughts on “Superset Workouts: Do Supersets Build Muscle?”

  1. Awesome advice. Too bad the comment section is filled with dumb fucks that
    don’t know shit all about maximizing hypertrophy. There are so many stupid
    people commenting in here. I am surrounded by fucktards in the comment

  2. I personally find supersets most useful towards the end of my workout with
    isolation/assistance movements. For example, my upper arms definitely get
    their fair share of stress after doing heavy presses and rows, but I often
    like to supplement my workouts off with a finishing superset of curls and
    pushdowns, or lateral raises and face pulls, for example, with a
    reasonable, but not too heavy weight for reps. I get a nice pump and some
    extra supplemental work after my “main” work is done.

  3. Sorry my response was only to dropsets. All it does it give extra pump,
    which is only temporary and not really proven to create extra longterm
    growth. Also, if you’d replaced the many dropsets you did with just a rest
    and 1 more regular set, you might have gotten the same or better results,
    so it’s hard to say if dropsets have helped you. Supersets in my opinion
    are fine, especially on smaller muscle groups that don’t get your heartrate
    up a lot (arms and especially underarms).

  4. Working opposing muscles does gives a really nice pump though. I do it on
    times im late for work and dont want to skip my workout all together.. so
    when under time constraint like Sean mentioned. I think we all can do them
    from time to time especially for the lifters that appreciates that pumped
    feeling and also added variety but for sure stick mainly to what Sean
    suggests but again variety is the spice of life 🙂

  5. Sean, what’s your thought on pyramiding the weight up a small amount each
    set and letting the reps go down? Example Dumbbell curls 4 sets of
    decreasing reps 12, 10, 8, 6 – with the weight range increasing by say
    10kg, 12.5kg, 15,kg, 17.5kg each set (I’m from u.k. so more used to
    Kilograms rather than pounds but hopefully you get the idea)

  6. Why he shouldn’t have made the video? No rest times decreases performance
    in almost everyone, which affects stimulation. Novices need to be aware of

  7. haha…everyone says different things. And all of them are highly respected
    in the bodybuilding community as well as backed by their own scientific
    research. I guess its true that bodybuilding is broscience

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  9. Hey Sean. Very helpfull stuff! At the moment I only do weight training, and
    I want to mix cardio in it as well but not at the expense of my build up
    muscles. When should I do cardio? Can I do them on restdays?

  10. Another thing, there is no need to generalize a workout when everyone is
    different. For instance, if my goal was muscle growth, I could still use a
    superset for the simple reason of periodization and to prevent stagnation.

  11. I don’t agree, if you lift big weights and superset big weights your
    getting stronger and fitter, and I superset each body part every day, just
    doing 10 reps bores the hell out of me, I do 3 different exercise 12 rep x
    3, 36 rep in one set and x that by 5 equal 180 rep per session every day
    and then 50 press ups then 35 twice, and every one is doing it at my gym
    you getting a quick results

  12. Supersets/dropsets imo are good for extra pump, that’s where it ends. You
    create a bit of extra inflammation and lactic acid buildup in the muscle,
    but that’s so temporary that to my feeling it can’t really have a
    significant effect on longterm growth.

  13. U shouldn’t have even made this video. Everyone is different, I got
    extremely fast results and look the best I have in my life implementing
    super sets and drop sets to my routine.

  14. My family laughed when I told them I would get ripped with “Max Muscle
    Extend”, but then they saw the results. Go and Google Max Muscle Extend to
    see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  15. It’s not that they don’t WORK, it’s just that they aren’t OPTIMAL for
    someone looking to maximize hypertrophy.

  16. But i heard from others that working opposing groups at the same time
    increases the amount of weight you can lift?

  17. If you train your biceps and then pecs, without rest, that’s a compound set
    not superset. The idea of superset is to train agonist and antagonist
    muscles together to create an increase in blood flow. That’s not something
    you get from a compound set.

  18. Yes – There is literally no hypertrophy benefit whatsoever to doing 2 sets
    back to back as opposed to having a standard rest time.

  19. This is super fun build, thank you for sharing. Just tried it tonight and
    it was indeed a blast! Congrats on taking down B so fast.

  20. I’ve been using this build for a while, and I’m slowly building it up. The
    only thing I still seem to have trouble with is the frozen/shielded combo
    enemies. Certain affixes are just a pain in the ass to deal with.

  21. why are u using cold-blooded passive? “Cold damage dealt to chilled and
    frozen targets is increased by 20%.” u have no cold damaging spells, or is
    it bugged?

  22. I see you’re selling your dagger on the AH… what did you get to replace
    it… please post new gear build on the sit e:)

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