“Super Human Interval Training” Build Muscle / Burn Fat Fast (Big Brandon Carter)

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25 thoughts on ““Super Human Interval Training” Build Muscle / Burn Fat Fast (Big Brandon Carter)”

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  4. CrashJackExtreme

    why? Pull ups Push-ups Mountain Climbers in the video is Pull ups Mountain
    Climbers Push-ups

  5. momen mohammed

    hey brandon can you run fast with your arms volume because iwanna build big
    arms and run fast at the same time i’m an amtuer soccer player

  6. cristian198310

    Ese dia estarías quemado, solo 15 dominadas y ayudandote? Yo me hago 22 en
    un dia normal.

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  8. Hey brandon i have a question,are these exercise works for skinny guy to
    gain muscle?cheers! 🙂

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