Super Fast Abs Workout

How to get six pack abs fast: Hey guys, it’s Mike with sixpackshortcuts. Man, do I have a show for you. After some of my workouts, I like to throw in this little extra afterburner on the grill and get my abs fired up. You’ll see that these are some basic ab exercises, but when combined in the right order it can really put that 3 dimensional effect on your abs. So put this quick workout in effect immediately, and see your six-pack popping out in no time. Super fast abs’ workout breakdown: 0:47 Start the workout 3 rounds Crunches (30 sec) Make sure while you are doing your crunches, you but in a little tight squeeze at the peak of the movement. Scissor Kicks (30 sec) Make sure your back is flat on the ground or have your hand right under your butt for support. The hands under ur butt will also aid in keeping the back flat. Bridge Planks – 30 sec While doing the bridge planks, make sure you are looking at your feet the entire time. Also make sure you are stick you butt all the way up and planking all the way back down. Hope you liked the video! Leave me a comment below to let me know your thoughts. I can’t respond to every comment, but I do read every comment personally and I respond to as many as I can. And if you want to get six pack abs fast, watch this video now: In that video I show you why 95% of guys who wish they had six pack abs fail to get them in the gym. It comes down to four huge mistakes that almost all guys in the gym
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How I got abs…FINALLY: This is a super fast workout to build muscle on your core love handles, and cardio. No equipment needed. You can use this at the end of a workout OR do this workout by itself and do the following: 10 reps Knee to Elbow Planks 20 reps Mountain Climbers 20 reps High Knees – non stop = 1 round. Do 4 rounds if you want to use it at the end of another workout. If you would like to do this for the entire workout, perform 4 rounds nonstop. rest 2 mins. perform 4 rounds again…rest 2 more minutes. perform the last 4 rounds….then past out. Just kidding, but don’t forget to drink some water during your rest time and if you feel dizzy, rest for a lil bit and start back on a slower pace with more rest. PS — Use this link to share this video with your friends!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. WarDogTheAwesome

    For when youre trying to lose weight
    Its effective when youre building mucsle

  2. TheThreebeastgamers

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  3. mark masterbeat

    oh this exercise really help me a lot i got 6pack abs in just 30days by continues doin it atleast 5mins a day…thank u very much

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  6. I love watching this with the caption (transcribed turned on), It’s like “Israel, resisting arrest” and all that shit xD

  7. Hey, if I do this exact workout 3 times a week how long will it take me to get a six pack ?

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  9. Jorge Castaneda

    Yeah but they are effective after your normal workout trust me i did these after total strength from revabs and my abs were burning.

  10. Just done this exercise, the only thing i done different was that when i was doing the crunches, i put a 10lb plate behind my head to make it more effective.

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  14. Crunches and Scissor kicks and mainly for strengthening your core muscles. You would have to try other exercises to actually work on bringing out the 8 muscles and defining them. It is also very important to change your ab workouts every so often to ensure maximum growth..

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  16. Explotey SAIYAN

    Since in a smart person here is a fun fact :Asian people get abs really fast black people are born with it white people needs to work hard Hispanic needs to work hard too

  17. I saw the v shape back video but I can’t afford a gym membership or anymore equipment than the dumbbells I already have if you could do another back workout I forgot to mention I have this thing that clings to my door for pull ups and I saw a video that involved doing pushups on a ladder going higher as you go thoughts?

  18. thefrazerfier

    I thought he said it was bad if you are trying to burn fat? Crunches are for abs not fat

  19. vhenzgavieres

    You’ve just gained a new subscriber mike. Thanks for the great vids! Just exactly what i was looking for. ^^

  20. Nemanja Aleksic

    yes when you have alot of fat they are ineffective!
    Listen carefuly what he talks

  21. From what i understood, crunchers are ineffective for those who have a high content of belly fat, that will just work on your muscle… but it won’t show up if you have a high content o belly fat. So, it is ineffective.

    Corect me if i’m wrong 😀

  22. omg this guys my hero! ^.^ this is stuff I already knew about but never knew how many or what to do them with high knees is new to me but now I know how many reps and sets to actually do instead of being sloppy! thanks Mike

  23. MAN. I LOVE you. I have been doing this for 4 days now and I am already noticing a difference in my clothes.

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