Super Fast Abs Workout – Level 1 (No Music)

Here’s a quick and strong workout perfect to train your ABS in only 3 minutes in the rythm of our music! As always we remind you that the workout can be perf…

25 thoughts on “Super Fast Abs Workout – Level 1 (No Music)”

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  3. in the second exercise, can we do it while legs are near a wall? its a little hard to get them extended so much time… can you help doing this exercise? thanks.
    by the way, great videos. subscribbed.

  4. passion4profession

    Super fast Abs Workout Soundtrack is now available on iTunes! 🙂

  5. Are you kidding me? ” AT LEAST 3 TIMES”‘ ? What are you joking or somethink ? 3 times a week haah? Dude, get off, i allready said a Doc recommended to do it differently, while your muscle that connect your legs and your stomach ( yes the muscle exist, since you probably only know biceps and triceps like most of “sportman” guys in gym), so while doing crouches you ahve to have your legs 90 degrees so you dont get back pain. GTFO back to the gym, expert.

  6. Well yeah it will hurt you cuz you’re body is not sportiv,if u do it at least 3 times,u will be able to do it all the time,and u’re back will not hurt,Unless if u’re sick or something

  7. I am doing it right. Because I dont do it by this video, I am doing it how a Doctor ( yes a quilified doctor ) recommended. Dont tell me a jerk in a gym or a random sport person knows more than a doctor (i dont know english name of doctor) The last excercise is absolute no brainer. When you lay on the back, and you dont have somethink under ass to support and keep your back in natural position then your back will hurt after doing theese excercises, sooner or later. This video should be removed.

  8. Thanks for this, I just did it right at home following the count, as I was on my phone

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