We are back with subscriber questions. This topic is should they locus on losing weight first and then weight train to build muscle or should they build musc…

Kali Muscle showing you guys a few back exercises to get your back huge as fuck. Click Here To Subscribe = Website = http://kalimuscle…


  1. No! I did all that “lose weight first” and not “tone” and I failed every
    time. Now I lift heavy and HIIT cardio and I’ve never looked more in shape
    than I do now. I lost “weight” before without lifting and I looked like a
    saggy stick lol Now I have curves and better posture. LISTEN TO THIS GUY

  2. I switch it up I picked four exercised 4 sets 12 to 15 reps today I’m going
    to do cardio today for 40 minutes make it simple !

  3. good video. I used to fall in that trap that weight training would make me
    look to big, its only in the last 4 months I realised how wrong I was. Alot
    of people think that though, all my friends do. Its good to get the message
    out there that that is not the case!! Im trying to lose weight as well as
    toning up, its a slow process but better then no progress as all! You got
    any tips for me to lose weight faster?? i got my self a nutribullet so my
    diet has been cleaner too

  4. good points, adding muscle will boost matabolism and increase circulation.
    so its a win win for weight loss. plus alot of muscle is not on the surface
    but is needed to correct posture and core etc. 

  5. Especially when you’re new that’s the best gains of your life and when
    you’re super anabolic. good video boss!

  6. Made this mistake beginning of the year. I figured that since I do boxing
    and mma it would make sense. Glad I’ve incorporated weights now. Thanks for
    the tip!

  7. You must have read my mind! Great video with lots of good information. Now
    I know what to do when I go to the gym! :)

  8. I feel you on the five pound weights I see more men lifting that shit and
    not pushing themselves ! Try to go as hard as you can aka beast !

  9. Well I took the Intermittent Fasting approach. Lost 10 lbs of fat, made me
    lighter therefore, more reps, longer runs, more agile. Now the new focus is
    getting lean muscle with a high focus on Cardio. 

  10. Look at your likes compared to dislikes and ask yourself what did I do
    different. I’ll tell you. You didn’t swear and you gave some solid advice
    and demonstrations. The few that disliked your videos needs some love and
    affection. “This” video was a great video +Kali Muscle 

  11. As said by the Hodge twins: “We worked out with Kali Muscle…that’s the
    biggest mothafucking black mothafucka out there!”

  12. 90% of kali musle videos, “Ok yall imma teach you how to get big but first
    imma talk shit and act like a deranged retard for 10 minutes”

  13. Huge upper body! Strong work! But when I look at your legs I wonder if
    you’re riding a chicken… 

  14. how do you guys feel about body weight back workouts? I noticed i’m more
    sore from doing 40 pull ups (under/over hand- not 40 straight up, spread
    out) and doing monkey bars or w/e at the gym…thoughts?? 

  15. i find it funny how much he preaches form in these “how to” vids but when
    watching his training vids he completely throws all that shit out the
    window and tries to lift as heavy as he can with the very form he talks bad
    about here lol

  16. Ive watched so many other gymnists on youtube and everyone of them i just
    lost motivation this is the only dude ive been able to watch and just have
    motivation to go hard on the weights. keep your grind on kali

  17. read a alot of the comments kinda funny how people always have to disagree
    or argue about simple workouts. Great how to video. If i was starting out
    and i saw this video on back day i would have a clearer picture how to hit
    my lats. You would be surprised on how many people workout out and lift
    yucky !!!! lol.

  18. Crispy BodyWeightFitness

    Hey kali can you please make a video of your actual training split and how
    you do everything with the cameras off. Like your wife said, you like to
    have fun making the videos. Thanks bud

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