Strictly Strength- CORE!

Strictly Strength- CORE!

The focus of this routine is to build core strength quickly and effectively. You will be engaging abs, obliques, and your lower back while exerting nearly ma…
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24 thoughts on “Strictly Strength- CORE!”

  1. Shambolic2000

    I do a couple of sets of different sit ups (1 set is 4×25 reps of situps, 4 different ways, max 10 sec break between each 25, then straight into 1 min plank=1 set). 2 or 3 sets of those. 1 min in between sets. Then 3 sets of 10 hanging straight leg twists(don’t know how else to describe them), 30 secs break in between each set. Then 3 sets on a declined sit up bench of leg raises, slow on negatives.(1 min rest between sets) Then 3 sets 10 cable pulldown. I can do more, but that’s basically it.

  2. Shambolic2000

    Interesting video. I do like your ideas and workout plans. I have a challenge for you though, a core challenge. Actually just the abs not the lower back, although you can add lower back exercises if you want. Seems I can’t write it all in here on one post, so I’ll add the details in a second post..I think you’d like it. So far I haven’t met anyone who’s been able to do this, although to be fair I’m not mixing with higher level bodybuilders or athletes..

  3. politicallydirectt

    Dude that isometric hold during the toe to bar was nearly impossible for me lol.

  4. Your the man Scott, not because you are physically fit, but because you have really helped me create a better body for my self. thanks man.

  5. You have a great set up in your gym. I’d love something like that. Top class workout, well done.

  6. Scott, watching your fitness videos makes me get tired. You truly are dedicated to teaching fitness, which is GREAT for everyone regardless of occupation. I recently started to improve my strength after photographing so many male models. I will be happy, if I could sprout some chest muscles and back.

  7. Liked all of your videos bro. been looking for a home workout for my core I can’t seem to find them in your uploads. -__-

  8. How about you spit on yout biceps and ill give them a nice suck. Ill give ya 50 bucks

  9. Where did you get your weight vests Scott!? Please respond! Or what brand is it??

  10. Outstanding Scott. Keep bringin it . My military brethren and I are all using your work outs to keep our unit in shape. And for the other peeps out there that think Scott is a joke. If he keeps our fighting nation in shape then I think he knows what he is doing. Keep it up Scott 😀

  11. Hey Scott, I did this workout routine today and it was AWESOME! I could see my abs after the workout! 🙂 the only thing was that I’m not yet able to do the toe-2-bar 🙁 gonna have to watch your how to -video and learn!

    HTH! Big respect from Finland!

  12. ScottHermanFitness

    I am not selling cheap sex, I am teaching fitness. I am not a sellout brotha. sorry

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