Strength Exercises for Pole Dancers

IMPORTANT: all inverted exercises are only for experienced pole dancers (also the handstand/ caterpillar exercise with floor contact)! got asked for some exercises to improve the strength. the video only includes exercises with the pole, there are of course a lot without the pole which help you to improve your strength for pole dancing like push-ups, crunches, pull-ups,… watch my pole tutorials here:
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25 thoughts on “Strength Exercises for Pole Dancers”

  1. johanna araya

    Hello, from Costa Rica…thanks for upload!! and do more of this kind.It’s really helphul!! 🙂

  2. emotioncatcher

    I just watched youtube videos and tried what I like. but there are some good pole dictionaries online. poledancedictionary com is very great and poledancecommunity has also one

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  4. LongWhiteCoat

    @emotioncatcher, I remember you mentioned you learned mostly or entirely from online sources. Would you mind directing me to some videos/websites? I am saving up to buy a Veena membership and I want to keep learning while I work on that 🙂

    xo adAstra

  5. RitmoLatinoPereira

    this video its so great, congratulations, escellent to practice and prepar the arms and stomatch.
    i have seem many videos of pole dance but i think that it s the best.
    i m learning pole dance by nyself.
    sorry for my english i m colombian..
    again congratulations.
    thanks for this video.

  6. fragilemelodia

    Great exercises! I´m learning SM, but my shoulder get sore after some time and my trainer didn´t show me that exercise “for beginner” ;). Now I can train at home even without pole. (will use table´s leg :D) Thank you!

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