Step Workout: Tighten Your Butt With 30 Minutes Of Step

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25 thoughts on “Step Workout: Tighten Your Butt With 30 Minutes Of Step”

  1. Nikola Stojkovic

    where i can find this version of Rhcp-can’t stop song? tell pls need it
    fast for my class :D

  2. finally a simple step workout with no stupid awkward complicated dance
    moves! and I loved the little abs workout in between! I also liked the way
    the lady in the peach top was doing jumping jacks, a great option for the
    days when my ankle pain is acting up.

  3. BlackBerryDiamond1

    I have missed step classes…I’m so glad to find all your high energy great
    step vids. Please keep em coming! Thx

  4. Kinsey Flauding

    This was a quick and fun step workout, that definitely made me get my sweat
    on! These shorter vids are nice for the days when I am running around like
    a crazy woman with my 3 kiddos! And they help me stay sane and give me some
    “me” time:) Thanks Dana!

  5. Bernadett Csepely

    First step routine for this after giving birth. It was amazing, many
    thanks, it will be often used.

  6. Erin Montgomery

    This workout was easy to follow and paced very well. It wasn’t too
    challenging and it was just what I needed.

  7. Dana Lee Chapman

    I have another one coming in a few days actually! Stay tuned 🙂 p.s. It’s
    one of my FAVES!!!

  8. Thank you for posting work outs online! I’ve always loved Step and classes
    are hard to find now with the rise of Zumba! I even bought a bigger, better
    step for home! Loving it! I hope you keep posting new ones!!

  9. FitnessDVDReview

    I love step! I’m doing a hybrid of P90X and Insanity right now so no step
    for the next several weeks. I figured just watching some would be the next
    best thing lol

  10. Dana Lee Chapman

    awe, shucks! thanks girl! keep up the good work. If you’re ever in north
    jersey, drop in for a LIVE workout 🙂

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