Step Up Revolution Dance Workout: Bryan Tanaka- Move #1

Step Up Revolution Dance Workout with Bryan Tanaka- Move #1 is a super-charged, fat-burning dance step taken straight from the hit movie, “Step Up Revolution.” Learn this total body-toning move step by step from one of Hollywood’s most sought-after Dancers & Choreographers, Bryan Tanaka. Bryan’s slick and vibrant dancing style is inspired by his years of work with many of today’s hottest artists such as: Rihanna, Beyonce, Usher, J-Lo, Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, and many others. Sculpt long, lean muscle as you tone the arms, legs, chest, shoulders, buns and abs with one of the best in the business. Develop a slim and sexy physique as you learn to move like one of the pros from the movie right from your very own living room. Strengthen your core and slim your waistline with this fresh extra from the forthcoming “Step Up Revolution Dance Workout” DVD out digitally 11/13 and in stores 12/4. Be sure to tune in to BeFit every Wednesday for additional body-sculpting bonus moves that you can put together to create an entire routine that is sure to turn heads the next time you are at the club…
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  1. i love dance based workout videos for their fat burning quality, but i feel for the people who actually think this is a dance they can pull off at a party XD

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