STEP AEROBICS with Jenny Ford

To download other full-length workouts for .95 visit — аэробные упражнения фитнес-тренировки похудение шаг 有氧运动…

BT Rocky playing fetch on stairs.

9 thoughts on “STEP AEROBICS with Jenny Ford”

  1. @redtulip2k3: Congrats on your pregnancy! Talk with your doctor first.
    Walking is a great place to start building your endurance. See my website
    for a blog I posted about exercise and pregnancy.

  2. My best wishes for your pregnancy! You’re looking great! Thank you so much
    for the new little workout videos. It’s a lot of fun to learn the new
    moves. I want to say special thanks to you for the support to stand up
    every day and do my training; it’s not always so easy to hang in there but
    you’re the best motivation-trainer! good luck for you (the little baby!)
    and your family. Lovely greetings from Germany!

  3. @Das Bertele – Thanks so much! Your words really touched my heart! I am so
    happy that I can help motivate you to get up and workout! I will post more
    workouts starting next week. =)

  4. dear god. I’ve never heard such horrifying noises. Is that their snouts
    that do that?

  5. Therapist1972

    this is wonderful! I have 2 bts and find this video to be very therapeutic
    to watch! 🙂

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