Step Aerobics @ Spiceball Banbury March 2011

Intermediate / Advance Step Aerobics session.

Final Double Step Aerobics routine, July 7, 2008 Please go to All my newest videos will be posted there.
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21 thoughts on “Step Aerobics @ Spiceball Banbury March 2011”

  1. mandy dollar

    You posted a video for the IDEA contest. What do you call (or how do you
    cue) starting at 1:57?

  2. me gustaria saber de donde es el instructor el es muy bueno y deberia subir
    mas videos recientes.luk.

  3. nice routine.very good..but may i know if i not mistake, u repeat same
    routine left and right.. and then proceed with new routine?? so member no
    need to memorize frm the top??

  4. Oh man, I walked into your class on a whim one day and boy did I get a
    shock when you busted out this routine! I loved the challenge tho and would
    still be attending if I didn’t have to move!

  5. marktwothousand

    Yup, I have to say, out of all the classes I’ve seen on Youtube and done in
    real life (which are still the dearest to my heart!), this class really
    beats all! I’d die to try it.

  6. CrazyChaoticGuy

    Yes I do! Everything I do on right side , must do left side! Then move on
    to next compo!

  7. It seems a little fast for me to grasp. I do hear mambo, but not much else
    clearly. I really like this routine, and would enjoy a breakdown.

  8. Wow, what was done at 1:53 made me drop my mouth to the floor!!! This
    choreography is just amazing!!!

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