7 thoughts on “Step Aerobics Intermediate Advanced”

  1. I start the whole block with: 4 basics 6 point mambo 4 rep knee I then
    change the 4 basics into 2 basics and the lunge facing front, then 2 curls
    on top plus 4 marches. I then change the marches into the turn and the
    lunge facing sideways together. the V-step is a good idea, but I try to
    keep it as simple as possible.

  2. Ok, so how did you do your breakdown for the reverse curl thing I’ve
    stolen? I did it as a V-step and march to the end, then a slow V step (ie
    two counts ‘on’ to get a 6 count V) and march to the end, then a reverse
    slow V, then a reverse curl V. Which worked, but I’m sure that there’s a
    better way? Hmm, might film my breakdown and post it, as I’m not sure I’ve
    put that very well!!

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