Step Aerobics for Men with Paul Eugene (Part 1)

This is a clip of men step workout I did when I was about 48 years old just a few years ago. Watch the entire episode at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Ultimate STEP Aerobics-

Step to the beat of your own drum… Videographer – Dave Snow –
Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 thoughts on “Step Aerobics for Men with Paul Eugene (Part 1)”

  1. i luv this, too! just amazing. luv the step n know there r soo many
    facets..this is one. i just wanna do it..maybe, a lil slooower, cuz i don’t
    have the game yall have..but, it pumpz me big’s an art! thanku for
    the share..

  2. Dear Sandyaerbk, I think the video is a great entertainment, but with more
    than 20 yrs of experience as an instructor I can tell you that only Olympic
    Athletes will follow you in your journeyGood Luck!. In the real world, with
    real people you can not teach this stuff. If you want to teach how to hate
    STEP CLASSESthis format is the way to succeed. I can make a video in how to
    teach this stuff just for you, for 3 easy payments of 100 dollar, please
    let me know.

  3. Javier De Goñi

    Difficult what is for my to try to explain what I feel when I see your
    videoes! It is happiness, emotion, discovery of new ways …….. to feel
    that he is never quite made … that always there will be new
    horizons…..Thanks, Alexandra and Sheldon, for putting your ideas within
    reach of the whole people. Javier

  4. I just love hearing the rhythm of footworks. simply incredible! When I’m
    all grown up, I want to do these cool moves, too! Thank you for posting!

  5. ool…its an art. can u advice me how do i start learning ds? do u provide
    any vedio whr u teach the techniques? i hv jst started as a trainer…bt i
    really luv this style…its so original guys…

  6. Sheldon Wesley

    Both. There are classes available up to Level 3. This clip represents just
    the two of us performing Level 6. Thanks for the nice comment.

  7. looks cool, unfortunately I can´t teach this in any of my classes…but
    I`ll look for some easier version in your videos. I really like your stuff
    because I can use it for vertical step as well, since you don´t teach
    tap-free, so thank you!!!

  8. Sheldon Wesley

    Chachansalsa, thank you for responding and for the kind words. I created
    Footworks and the advanced choreography you watched. There are only two
    people in the world currently who perform at this level. However, watch my
    other videos and you will see that indeed my advanced classes are full and
    have been so for the past 20 plus years.

  9. You guys are an inspiration! Thank you for bringing Footworks to our lives.
    I know mine is much better because of it. xoxo Irene

  10. Sheldon Wesley

    Also, please keep in mind that given the old school STEP methods, you may
    not be seeing what you think you are. Please post a video of yourself doing
    Footworks. We’d love to see it.

  11. Dear footworksfitness, responding to your request, I do not think i am
    better. If I want to show my version I will need to put on my Tap dance
    shoes……it’s not similar?

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