Step Aerobics Fitness Cardio Workout – Jenny Ford

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25 thoughts on “Step Aerobics Fitness Cardio Workout – Jenny Ford”

  1. Jenny you are awesome! As a step instructor myself, I really appreciate
    you’re attention to detail (BPM, Cueing, safety, modifications, etc.) and
    as a student I really enjoy the fun workouts! Please keep these workout
    coming! We love you here in New Mexico!

  2. Hey you’re great! I have been looking for a good step aerobics video and I
    think I just found it! I really want something with good music and good
    instruction. This is the first one I have come across and would like to buy
    it. I shall check out your website. Thanks!

  3. jojo jojo, how did I not see your comment here? LOL, so cute! Thanks so
    much! I am so pleased you feel that much motivation. 😀

  4. jojo jojo, wow another comment I did not see… so sorry for the late
    response. Thanks once again for your kindness. I would love to distribute
    my DVDs in Saudi Arabia, I suppose it is all a matter of finding a good
    distribution company. Great suggestion!

  5. Jennifer Graseck, WOW that is fantastic!!! 10 lbs!!! YES, way to go! I am
    so happy you are enjoying my workouts, and that they are working for you.
    Really, all the best to you in your weight loss journey! =D

  6. Jennifer Graseck

    I absolutely love your step workouts! I’ve tried others and find myself
    going in circles – yours are so easy to follow so I get a better workout
    and spend less time trying to catch up and figure out what’s going on! And
    you have such positive energy, but it isn’t overbearing like some of the
    instructors can be – with the huge cheesy smiles and annoying voices. I
    have already lost 10 pounds using your workouts and watching what I eat –
    only 24 to go. Thanks for the help, you’re great!

  7. Yesterday I showed your tubes to one of my friend and they really LOVE them
    so something comes to my mind…Jenny why don’t you think about
    broadcasting your dvds to the Middle East especially Saudi Arabia :-):-):-)
    we really dont have dvds for workouts ..the only series we see is 15minutes
    Energizing workouts I think the efforts you do deserves to be international
    ..accept my big respect from Saudi Arabia♥♡♥♡

  8. Jenny I cant see your tubes with out jumping off my chair and start doing
    workouts with you…but I always get lost in this session. .im trying hard
    to catch sure im going to do it perfect one day..thank you..♥♡♥

  9. Gail Pickens-Barger, E-RYT

    Love it! I can’t do much going over the top or around the bench, so I
    really appreciate the consistent talk of the options! Thank you for the
    workout. I’ll be repeating this one again and again, and I’ll add those
    skip overs (maybe) and up top and over moves eventually! Gaileee

  10. OMG Jenny you are wonderful. My goal is to make it through the entire
    work-out w/no breaks. well at this point I just want to make through the
    work out. Completely covered in sweat and I only made to 28.36 but one next
    week it’s on 🙂 Great class.

  11. Question Jenny, do you have breakdown of some of your moves or new commands
    in basics breakdownfor some of your other moves thatyou are using here that
    ive been using of yours recently?im wanting to go bit longer in your
    workout but I think the workout is bit more advanced in moves qnd commands,
    I inow I can get I just have to get hang of the moves:)

  12. Slyckchica2, THANK YOU!!! Really wish you all the best in your goals.
    Always love to hear you are covered in sweat, that’s a great thing! You
    will be doing the whole 42 minutes in no time!

  13. leah1227, great suggestion. I need to film some tutorials of some of the
    moves in my step workouts that aren’t so basic. I’ve had others ask too. I
    hope to have some time to do so soon. This weekend I am going to film
    another BASIC STEP workout. I’ve had such a positive response to it. I know
    you can get it too. It’s like a new language too… learning the steps AND
    what I call them sometimes. I completely understand that. I am so impressed
    with your efforts though, keep it up!

  14. I really enjoy it! It is easy to follow at home with your clear guide :),
    looking forward to new routine.thanks Jenny.

  15. @hilldiggity — Just as you promised, thanks so much for the review, and
    for giving my newest step workout a try. Always happy to hear when my
    participants are sweating along with me. Thanks again for your kind
    comments! =)

  16. Das Bertele, I just saw your post, I am not sure how I missed it. Sorry for
    the slow response. I am so happy it keeps getting better for you. I love
    seeing you in your living room ANY day! So nice to hear from you. =)

  17. Thank you Jenny for another great step workout! You rank right up there
    with Kathy Smith. Please keep coming out with more step routines 🙂

  18. Hi Taylor, thanks so much! That’s a great question. I’m happy you want to
    do step, it’s such a GREAT cardio workout that works all parts of the body.
    Now, when you say advanced, if you mean choreography wise, I’d try SPICY
    STEP, or the STEP AEROBICS that’s 58:46. If you haven’t stepped much, you
    can try my Step by Step. The moves are VERY basic, but it burns tons of
    calories–especially by making your moves BIG…when you do a knee lift,
    lift to hip level, when you do arms, make them BIG

  19. Hi Veruka, thanks so much for your feedback. I’ll be working on more step
    workouts coming up soon, and really like to hear from my participants. I
    agree 100%, and love that step burns GREAT amounts of calories. =) Happy

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