STEP AEROBICS easy – 32 count finals

STEP AEROBICS easy - 32 count finals

3 cheeky little step routines without a step! Ha! sorry no step at home but did find this handy little rug! The things a girl has to do! Hope they are of int…
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Keith Coleman Step Aerobics Dublin Oct 2013

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8 thoughts on “STEP AEROBICS easy – 32 count finals”

  1. the third one´s really really good cause it´s all new ideas for me,

  2. You’re wonderful! Thank you so much for the great routines. May I ask a
    favour? Would call out the moves? Because some of these moves I don’t know
    the names of.

  3. why has it never occured to me that 8+6+6+6+6 makes 32? I never use that
    combination of counts! ok, tomorrow in class…

  4. Carolynn Harris

    Thank you – see my more recent ones for easier combos…I’ve two left feet
    at the best of times, so I’m sure you’ll be up to speed and further on than
    me in no time! enjoy your step 😉

  5. super!! thanks a lot! love your refreshing ideas, will use this in class

  6. Carolynn Harris

    will do! must post more soon……this was one of my first so a little
    nervous, couldn’t speak! 😉

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