Step Aerobics Choreography Ideas with Stuart Harrop

Join Pure Energy Presenter Stuart Harrop in his creative 32 count Step Aerobics routine! Learn some new ideas, and go out and teach them to your class tonigh…
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9 thoughts on “Step Aerobics Choreography Ideas with Stuart Harrop”

  1. Did you know we have 100s of aerobics choreography video clips on our
    YouTube channel? Here’s just one of them with our presenter, Stuart Harrop!

  2. aparte de ser un tio un tanto ridiculo.. tener un monitor gordo.. es como
    que te corte el pelo un calvo. muy gay todo.

  3. only God is able to judge us. The main thing here is this is a nice and
    well-taught choreography. Maybe some people (like me) prefer more difficult
    tasks, but it’s about picking some ideas an adapt them to your own.

  4. In response to that vile and offensive comment from danipacheco13, may I
    just say that Stuart is probably the nicest, funniest, warmest person that
    anyone could want to meet. Not only does he teach an awesome class (this
    clip being no exception), but he entertains in a very genuine way, every
    time he teaches. What a shame there are still some judegemental and
    ignorant people lurking on here. Open your mind before you open your mouth.

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  6. Awful vídeo! That’s why a lot of people think Step intructors are Gay 🙁
    Dammm FAAGGG!!!

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