Step Aerobics Choreography Ideas with Lisa Dzierzak

Lisa Dzierzak shows you some great combinations for a new 32 count block of step aerobics choreography! Watch the video, learn the moves, and teach it in you…

Rebecca is back with another instalment of unique and innovative Step choreography. An expert in exploring rhythm and direction variations, Rebecca once agai…

11 thoughts on “Step Aerobics Choreography Ideas with Lisa Dzierzak”

  1. Beata Jagiełło

    you do the side mambo and the stomp combination – every time in a different
    way:) but choreography is interesting

  2. Hi guys….thanks so much for the lovely comments on my dvds – really
    appreciate your feedback XXXXXX Rebecca Small

  3. Rebecca is the easiest instructor to follow, hands down. Nobody explains
    the moves so well in advance as she does. Nobody! It’s hard to get tripped
    up, even.

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