Step Aerobics Basic w/3 Combos-Fitness Cardio Workout — Jenny Ford

Download .95: Basic step warm-up and stretch followed by 3 great combos. 1st and …

25 thoughts on “Step Aerobics Basic w/3 Combos-Fitness Cardio Workout — Jenny Ford”

  1. Dear Jenny, I love your workouts. I allready lost 10 kg with doing them.
    It’s fantastic that there are all sorts of workouts so it stays fun.
    The only thing is that the music is not always synchrome with the steps and
    then it’s difficult to stay in rythm. Please don’t stop doing this………

  2. OMG Im so glad I found you…im a stay at hm mom of 5 and the youngest are
    twins…Its 11:49 pm right now and I just got done with this workout and I
    feel great..happy subber here…lol…great job!

  3. Just did this, was fun and easy to follow. But the music was very
    distracting in this video in the beginning and towards the end. It was hard
    to find a rhythm at times unless I carefully listened to you.

  4. This is so good! I’ve done it four days and I really enjoy it!! Nice
    workout. Thanks so much

  5. amatomichele, Ciao, io non sono sicuro di quello che la tua domanda è. Mi
    piacerebbe aiutarti in ogni modo! Grazie per la pubblicazione.

  6. I find it really affects how you feel mentally, too. You just have an
    overall sense of strength in your mind and body. Your video is so perfect –
    and I’ve been upping the weight of my weights for some of the moves and I’m
    getting better at pushups (I’ve got a lot of weight to push up! lol), which
    makes me happy!

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