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25 thoughts on “STEP AEROBICS”

  1. Could not figure out how to follow along. Not too many repetitions and the
    frequent changes made it hard to keep up with. 

  2. maybe add subtitles with the name of the ‘steps’ and it would be easier to
    follow up?

  3. Thanks Jenny for sharing this great workout. Thought the choreography was
    just right – lots of interesting moves resulting in some great combos. I
    found it very easy to follow as your teaching and progressions are

  4. Dear Jenny, thank you so much for making great Step Aerobic workouts, I
    also love your Marching with moves, since I’ve been following your workouts
    I lost 15 pounds. Your Step by step workout is great, not too difficult but
    the endurance that makes my cardio vascular really working. Your commands
    are really clear. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Best regards/Nap.

  5. Огромное спасибо! Благодарим Вас за комментарии.

  6. Great choreography with great cueing. You have lots of creativity and don’t
    sacrifice anyone’s ability to follow. Just saw the not-so-friendly comment
    from “sacanangelo” – please make sure you “don’t let the clowns bring you
    down” – keep posting the great stuff, Jenny.

  7. alexandjuergen

    I wish there were more videos with the instructor facing forward. I find it
    easier to pick up more advanced combos. I just feel a mirror image makes ir
    more difficult.

  8. Suzanne Waddell

    You are an excellent teacher and I love your step videos. I don’t want to
    pay for downloads because I get bored easily but I want to support your
    work. If you had a monthly subscription fee and put up new content
    regularly for subscribers I would be interested. Do you do anything like

  9. @Suzanne Waddell- Thanks so much for your feedback. I can completely
    understand not wanting to pay for downloads when you get bored easily, and
    really appreciate that you are wanting to support my work. I LOVE your idea
    of a monthly subscription. I am going to look into something like that.
    Just had my 4th baby about 2 weeks ago, so this would be a great time for
    me to see how something like that would work. What types of workouts would
    you like? Mostly step? Would love your thoughts.

  10. @TheRubyG – Thanks so much! I am so pleased you have lost 10 kilos! WAY TO
    GO!!! Keep up the great work!

  11. You are the sweetest and I love your workouts!! I am hopefully buying one
    of your videos soon. Which would you suggest for me? I am looking to burn
    fat and I consider my step level to be intermediate to advanced. I LOVE
    step and can catch on, it’s just keeping up with the pace and doing the
    movements that gets me frustrated. I want a challenging video but not
    murderous where I can’t keep up. Thanks in advance!! 🙂

  12. Cardiojunkie1

    she is off count with the music,.,.how can they follow her, it would drive
    me nuts

  13. I made it about 38 mins into it & then I decided to do another STEP
    workout. There is just too much choreography for me :(. Your STEP by STEP
    video (which I love!) has good choreography but it’s not over the top like
    this one… I would do that workout everyday but that get’s boring. I hope
    your next videos will either have less choreography, give better
    instructions on how to do the steps or include more repeats to solidify
    learning the steps before moving right into another choreographed move.

  14. Большое спасибо! Даже 10 минут лучше, чем ничего! Рад, что вам понравилось.

  15. @edy6968 – I suppose you could say Andy bears a resemblance to Mitt… I
    don’t know. =)

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