Step Aerobics

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22 thoughts on “Step Aerobics”

  1. Nicole Kahler-Viene

    Hi Jenny, I love your step videos, especially Step by Step as it’s not too
    basic – really fun! Will you be producing any more soon? I’ve done Step By
    Step 1, 2 and 3 over and over and would love to see Step By Step 4! 🙂

  2. LOVE_LOVE_LOVE your new workouts! so many new steps and moves to learn. my
    favourite is the 4th combo. it is so much fun to work with you every day!!!
    the pace is great for me. sometimes I do some modifications because it is
    easier for me. but after some weeks of practicing I will do the original
    version. Thanks for your google plus workouts as well. I mix them up
    everyday with my strenght and core workout. so it is getting perfect!!!
    greetings and 1000 hugs from germany!!!

  3. @Das Bertele — Thanks so much! Really happy you LOVE my new step workout
    as well as the other Google + live ones! =) Appreciate you taking the time
    to comment. Take care, and wishing you much success in your fitness goals!

  4. WONDERFUL question Janet! You could start by watching my BASIC STEP
    AEROBICS FITNESS CARDIO WORKOUT. I need to film some more examples of steps
    for people like yourself. I did film a few steps you can find here on my
    know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comments! 🙂

  5. @ezzzjay — that is awesome! I am so happy you are getting such a great
    workout with my Step by Step 3. Hope to post more step workouts soon! =)

  6. Jaime Leonel, great work! I am so pleased at your wonderful results from
    working out with me. Keep it up, and I wish you much continued success in
    your fitness goals. Really appreciate you taking the time to write me.
    Loved hearing your story! 🙂

  7. Laura Schmuck

    Finally! I think I’ve almost got this one. This was so much fun Jenny! I
    think my brain got workout too!!!!

  8. Hi Nicole Kahler-Viene, thanks so much! I would love to produce a Step by
    Step 4, it is definitely on my list of workouts to film. Thanks so much for
    your post, and so happy you enjoy the Step by Step series. =D

  9. @Laura Schmuck- Awesome! Way to go!!! Seriously that is why I LOVE
    step–both a brain and body workout.

  10. I want to thank you for all these videos…!!! I have lost 3 kgs of fat and
    i have been gaining the same in muscles. My physician was very impressed
    with the results. Thank you Jenny for helping me to have this new body and
    this new way to see the life. I love working out watching your step videos
    at home. You are awesome and my favorite step trainer….!!!

  11. I like watching your video!! I am from Hong Kong. I would like to know
    where can I get the information regarding the terms of aerobic step?

  12. @Emanuela Ferrin — Oh wow, thanks so much! So happy you can workout at
    home and thanks for working out with me! =)

  13. this is a great workout! I’m always really red in the face and sweaty when
    I’m done. thanks for posting all of these great step videos.

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