Starting to build lean muscle while losing body fat

Measuring your waist is one of the best ways to track fat gains or fat loss. The best way to measure body fat is with a body fat caliper. Comment,Rate, and S…
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25 thoughts on “Starting to build lean muscle while losing body fat”

  1. Scientific evidence reveal that it is possible to maximize your muscles
    building process 2x-3x faster; by simply adjust your eating plan. Because
    the time you spend on the workout room is only 3% of all your time.

  2. only critique I have on your body is that your chest is a little small and
    not cut. other than that your bodies fine, better than most guys.

    Really and truly though, do you really need to look like lazar? that guys
    atleast 6-8% bodyfat, you know what kind of torture your gonna have to put
    yourself through to get to that? not saying you can’t but is it realy worth

  3. Do you make these costly mistakes in your workout regimen? Go and Google
    Muscle Maker Method to find out.

  4. Bull3tAndButt3rfly

    +combo2207 *I agree with you! That very nice program*
    *is one of the most impressive and complete*
    *body building products ive ever tried in a*
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    *skinny person and ofcourse to the fat person*
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  5. If you want to bulk up, you should look up on google Ready Set Ripped. That
    can help you get the body you deserve.

  6. my body type is similar to yours…i am not even as ripped as your are i am
    more skinny but no muscles..and i have some body fat…so what works out
    did you do te get like that? i want to reach at least to that point…and i
    am sorry for my english

  7. Have you ever heard of regular folks shedding fat–and delighting in three
    full scrumptious meals at the same time? Go google Skinnimaker System to
    learn more.

  8. You need more incline bench u need that cut between your chest but u don’t
    have it! It makes u look super cut

    VIDS…..KEEP THE VIDS COMEING AND GODLUCK (no typo) I’m 26 230lbs 5″8
    seems like we have the same goal as far as the look…. ripped lean
    look… Bday is Sunday the 20th that’s when Imma start my cut….so
    keep the VIDS comeing….very inspiring and informational

  10. hey man do you have a video on what you protein you eat, work out you do
    and how much rest you get?

  11. Hey, have you thought about this program called the Max Muscle Method?
    (look it up on google). My cousin says it gets people to increase their

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