18 thoughts on “Sprints To Build Muscle”

  1. I play soccer during my bulk I do hiit 3-4 days a week so around 10 hours a
    week. I noticed if I eat enough it doesn’t affect my muscle gaining at all,
    the only downside is i get slower in my soccer due to my weight. So
    realistically if you eat enough you can run every day and not lose any

  2. hustlethemuscle

    i love sprints.. but i personally couldnt sprint before my leg workout.
    When I sprint, my legs are absolutely dead. And your right, you dont lose
    muscle by sprinting. When I do distance cardio, my muscles always look
    drained and flat. right now i am mixing it up since I injured my wrist. I
    do 2 days distance cardio, and sprints one day on the weekend. as well as
    train my legs 2 times a week in the gym. I seen to be building muscle there
    faster than ever did

  3. REALLY?!..What do you think?! Let me see you do SPRINTS, after you train
    legs! You should do them (sprints) on a separate day…

  4. This is a great fucking idea Joe, I love sprinting too. I’m going to start
    sprinting now!

  5. great video! could you make videos of you working out with music in the

  6. Hey man, love the vids, quick question, I am trying to build size but at
    the same time i know i need to work on strength. Is there a way i can train
    strength aswell as size? For example at the start of my workout, i could
    work on strength, so lower reps, then once im satisfied could i switch to
    volume for size? Thanks

  7. Sprints are good because explosive movements strengthen your fast twitch
    type 2 muscle fibers. Which are for powerful explosive movement and mass.
    My recommendation to everyone is do sprints on a cut, but keep your
    workouts explosive with weights always. Also for legs higher reps but not
    so heavy that you can’t keep it explosive.

  8. IAmBabyRuthless

    Awww man i run 5 times a week 5 miles each time im trying to lose 7 pounds
    though but it hasnt affected my strength gains

  9. I enjoyed this video. I’m an amateur athlete and sprints is a great cardio
    and muscle work out. They are plyometric exercises and help with neural
    coordination/firing patterns in the muscle which will help you to lift
    heavier. We do anywhere between 5 and 20 repetitions at 60 m on certain
    days. 5 reps constitutes 1 set. 5-8 minute breaks between each set. 60
    seconds to 3 minutes between each rep depending on what we are training
    for. (60 seconds for speed endurance, 3 minutes for speed)

  10. Yeah! Do like a montage video of you working out. Would love it. Think a
    lot of other people would agree

  11. Health4Thought

    I would only suggest before. You are at more risk of injury doing sprints
    after a leg workout

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